A Bieber Vacation

Vanessa is a normal girl at the Bahamas who meets someone named Justin who is apparently famous and likes her....


2. Ready?

I got out of bed put my phone in my pocket and walked into the living room where my parents were watching TV. When I looked at the TV and saw a familiar face pop up. It was Justin. It was an interview with him and Ellen.

“This is crazy and people found you how on YouTube?” she asked.

“Yeah actually I was in a singing competition a while back I was twelve years old and my friends and family that’s couldn’t make it wanted to see me so we put those videos on YouTube and I guess it just sorta blew up.” he replied.

“And the girls just love you that’s exciting right?” she said.

“Yes it um it’s awesome” he said.

He looked so adorable. He was wearing a purple shirt under a plaid green and purple shirt with an army tag and jeans.

“Hey mom im going to go out tonight with someone I met.” I said

“You should go out with that boy not some weirdo you found at the beach he seems so sweet” she said laughing a little at the thought of dating a celebrity.

“Um haha yeah he does” I said not wanting to tell her that’s actually who it was.

Then I got a text.

Justin – Hey this is Justin where do you live so I can pick you up?

I smiled at my phone thinking about him.

Me – 43 Seaside Blvd.

Justin – okay sexy ;) see you at 8

“Who is that?” my mom asked.

“Um nobody” I said then walked into my room to pick out an outfit for tonight. I looked through my suitcase and found my sparkly silver dress. It looked perfect with my tan skin and dark brown hair. I put it on then got out my curling wand to make my hair wavy. I put on a little makeup and I found the high heels that match my dress and stood in front of the mirror. ‘Perfect’ I thought as I admired myself. I walked out into the living room and sat on the couch again and started looking at Instagram. After about 5 minutes there was a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it up and saw Justin standing there with a rose wearing a purple collared shirt and khaki shorts.

“You look great” said smiling as he gave me the rose.

“Thanks so do you” I replied.

“Ready?” he asked.

“yep.” I said.

He held out his hand and we locked fingers as we walked to his car. This date was going to be perfect. 

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