A Bieber Vacation

Vanessa is a normal girl at the Bahamas who meets someone named Justin who is apparently famous and likes her....


3. Perfect Date

We got in Justin’s car and he started driving.

“Are you excited?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes! What are we doing?” I replied

“We are going somewhere.” He said as he looked at me smiling even bigger.

“Haha well that narrows it down” I said sarcastically.

“So tell me about you” he said.

“Okay well I have a younger sister. I swim and I dance. I really like to sing and I play the guitar. I love the snow and I love spaghetti.” I told Justin.

“Wow! I have a little sister and a little brother on the way. I love dancing, singing. Snow, and spaghetti, I also play the drums, trumpet, guitar, and piano.” Justin said.

We had so much in common it was like it’s meant to be. I looked at Justin who looked perfect. The way He was concentrated on the road was really sexy. His hair knew exactly where it wanted to go and it looked so soft. Justin turned and looked at me.

“What?” he said laughing?

“Ha nothing you just look really sexy” I said smiling.

“So do you” he said smiling back.

Then we came to a stop. Justin got out of the car opened my door and let me out. Then we held hand again and walked to a gate. He opened the gate and we walked on to the beach where a picnic blanket was sitting perfectly on top of the sand with a few simple white candles beside it and a chocolate cake on top of the blanket. The view was perfect it was sunset and all the colors danced through the sky. It was so romantic I didn’t think it could get any better.

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