A Bieber Vacation

Vanessa is a normal girl at the Bahamas who meets someone named Justin who is apparently famous and likes her....


5. home

Justin pulled into my driveway then stopped and looked at me. I looked back at him smiling. “Promise me you will call me sometime tomorrow.” He said looking as serious as ever. “I promise” I said giggling a little. “Okay good” he said with a little worry in his voice. Then he leaned in and put his lips against mine like the first time today but better. It felt like I was walking on air. When he pulled away he brushed some of my hair behind my ear then asked if I was ready to go. He got out of the car and opened the door and then held out his hand for me to grab. We walked up to the door and I hugged him. “Thank you for the best night ever...” I said while hugging Justin. Justin smiled then said “thank you for coming.” “I will call you tomorrow…… maybe...” I said smirking. Justin stared at me scared until I said I was kidding. Then I opened the door and said bye to Justin. When I walked in I saw my parents still sitting on the couch. My dad was asleep and my mom was watching a cooking show. When she heard the door open she turned around. “Hey honey how was it?” she asked right when I walked in. “It was great” I said while lying down on a chair beside the couch. “What did you guys do?” she questioned. “We had a picnic.” I replied smiling at the thought of our picnic. “Oh that sounds fun sweetie. Listen your father and I are going to bed now, don’t stay up to late okay?” she asked “Alright mom” I said. I stayed in the living room for a while just thinking and resting then I got up and brushed my teeth, changed into my pajamas, and then got in bed. After a few minutes I was fast asleep dreaming of tomorrow.
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