A Bieber Vacation

Vanessa is a normal girl at the Bahamas who meets someone named Justin who is apparently famous and likes her....


1. Bieber Beach

‘Finally vacation!’ I thought as I sat down to relax on the beach. I was a perfect day for tanning and relaxing. I layed for 2 hours then decided to go into the water. I started walking down until a boy who looked about 16 (my age) walked up to me. He had warm brown colored hair that went perfectly across his forehead and brown eyes to match. He was sort of small and his smile was perfect.

“Aye shawty what’s your name?” the boy said.

 “Im Vanessa.” I replied.

“Well Im Justin and you’re going to go on a date with me tonight.” He said smiling.

“Okay.” I said happily accepting.

“here.” He said giving me his phone to put my contact in.

I put it in then handed it back to him. He smiled then said “I’ll pick you up at 8.”

“Alright” I said and smiled back.

Then he ran over to a guy yelling “FREDOOOO!! I DID IT! I GOT HER NUMBER AND WE ARE GOING ON A DATE! OH YEAHH!” he yelled then started dancing a little. I laughed and then went out into the ocean. It was relaxing until I heard 3 girls scream. “AH OH MY GAWDDD ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!” they yelled chasing after the boy who just told me I was going on a date with him. I went inside the beach house where my mom and dad were watching T.V and my little sister was sleeping. I took a shower and then layed on my bed for a while thinking. ‘Who is Justin Bieber?’ I wondered, so I grabbed my phone and looked the name up. There were pictures of the boy that just asked me out in there then below it said ‘Justin Bieber pop star sensation’. I looked him up on YouTube and found a video called one time. It was amazing he was such a great singer. I kept looking at his videos until I realized… I had just been asked out on a date by him. 

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