Omg Girlz & MB Love Story

Beauty (Bahja), Star (Zonnique), Babydoll (Breaunna) are appart of OMG Girlz (Officially MIss Guided) they are staying with MB at the mansion for the summer and a lot goes on. Stay tuned to here all the drama that goes on in these 7 teens' summer!


2. The Crew Part. 2

So they only let me put up 4 pictures per page so imma finish it now

Craig Crippen Jr. (Prodigy)

Chresanto August (Roc Royal)

Rayon Lopez (Ray Ray) *i might have go his real name wrong*

Alix Lapri (Alix Lapri) *not apart of omg but is a close friend to omg and mb*

Now That You Know Everybody, The Story Can Officially Begin...When I Update Next...Sorry Divas But Uploading Pics Was Hard Asf Cuz I Didnt Know What To Do... But Next Time I Promise...STAY FLAWLESS DIVAS!!!!!!!1

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