One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


19. Would you like to be my girlfriend?

Hey loves, have a happy 2014! Sorry for taking sooooooooo long, I have no words, but I'm here now! Enjoy! xoxo :*


When I slipped in bed, I got a text from Him:

“Had an amazing night! Good night, cupcake! Xxx”

Right then I realized, how much in love I was with that guy…



All night, I couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was Harry. With him, I realized everyone has another half. I wonder if he feels the same…


Mean while…


Before I went to bed, I texted Maria.

You know what? I am master at flirting. I rarely fall in love with a girl. But right now, I feel so in love, and I’m tired of feeling alone…

I will tell her everything...


:)  Next morning…


I woke up because of the buzz of my phone.

“Hey cupcake!”

I smiled.

“Good morning Hazz” I said with my morning voice.

“Hey, can you do me a favour? Go outside, to your balcony.”

I was in my pj’s: small shorts and a one-shoulder top.

“OK, why not?” I went outside, still with the phone on my ear, and looked down.

And there was Harry standing there in front of his car.

“Looking hot” he smirked.

“What the…?” I whispered.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” he said.

“Yeah, of course, come in!”

I was actually excited!

I went downstairs, and opened the door and there he was. We hugged and he got in.

“Still not ready?” he told me, looking up and down.

“Why where are we going?”


For a weird reason I don’t know, I just went upstairs, dressed up like this and followed him…

We went to Starbucks and we left there the car so we can walk with our coffees to Hyde Park (it was pretty close). It wasn’t awkward at all! We talked and talked and halfway there he took me hand <3 When we reached Hyde Park we sat on a bench and he took a serious look.

“I smell speech” I sang.

“Yeah actually I need to tell you something. You’re my best friend –and something more (he then winked at me but immediately blushed) - and I can’t hide it from you, I’m sure you’ll understand. See, Alexia, and a lot of other models I have dated, are.. you know, management introduced me to them and I had to.. well, get to know them.” he told me.

“I think you mean date them” I cut him.

“Yeah, Alexia was the last one, and, apparently, no one liked her. Oh well…” he said with sarcasm.

“That is horrible- I mean, the fact you couldn’t choose who you would be with” I said.

“Besides that, I feel like my girl friends, every single girl I get to meet, who is a model or a singer or an actor by the way, just needs my money or my fame.”

“I’m so sorry” I whispered and hugged him. When he pulled away his eyes were almost watering. Mine too. I couldn’t say anything, he’s has been a lot.

“So, I was just wondering… We know each other a long time, and you’re from the few people I trust. You don’t want me for my fame, right?” he asked almost worried.

“Of course not..”

He cut me off: “Great, see.. you make me feel better every minute and , if you want of course, would you like to be my girlfriend?”

My eyes widened and my heart started beating so fast, like it would come out of my chest. I can’t believe he actually asked me that.

“No, sorry I’m not ready for this” I said in a serious tone. (Of course I was pulling a prank on him)

“What?” he was ready to cry.

I burst out laughing. I couldn’t stop, he believed it!

He blushed and covered his face with his hands to hide his smirk.

“Oh silly, I was just pulling your leg! (british saying for “I’m joking to you”)” I said, red from laughing.

“Come here...” he said and took my head with his big hands and kissed me, so passionate, but still so sweet.

My heart started beating even faster and all I could think was, Oh my gosh, mmm or mooore!


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