One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


12. Why?



I can’t believe what just happened! Fuckin George sweared me!  I punch him, he can’t treat to me like that in front of Maria. He punched me too, on my stomach. I almost fell down, and right now I’m touching my stomach because of the pain.

“BOYS! STOP! George you better go home, now.” Maria yelled him strictly.

“But, babe, I’m your boy-“

She cut him off: “GOO!”

“Ok, can I have a kiss?”

“GO AWAY!” and with that, he left.

Then, I fell.

“Oh my god, Harry are you alright?” “Not really.” I whispered. “C’mon, sit.” She put me on the couch.

That sounded inappropriate. :)

She looked at me straight in the eyes, with her beautiful, irresistible, brownish ones. Ok, I’m done with the adjectives.

“I’m gonna get you some ice” she said in a worried tone.

I sat up and after some minutes she brought some ice. I could see her eyes watering.

“Awww! Come here!” I said and hugged her. I had missed this hug so much! Minutes later, she pulled away. “Why? I mean, what just happened there?” she asked me with a tear rolling down her face. I wiped it away. “I was just trying to protect my cookie!” I put my palm on her face and leaned in. “Ouch”

Shit! My stomach hurts. “Oh yeah, take off your shirt.” She told me. I looked her with a question look. “C’mon Styles, how will we put ice on your stomach?” she said with that gorgeous smile. “Okay. Get ready, lady!” I said. Let’s live it up a bit…

I stood up and took off my shirt. I had been working out and… got some tattoos.. so…

Maria’s eyes widened, but she tried to hide it and blushed. So cute!

“Have you been working out?” she asked. I sat down, holding my stomach. That jerk was strong. “Oh, you noticed?!?” I said. “You dirty little bitch!” she said and we both laughed.

She put the ice on my stomach. “Ouch!” I mumbled. “It hurts now, it will help though.” She's so cute when she explains.. things..

After some minutes she pulled away the ice,went to the kitchen and then came back.

“You can put on the shirt now” “No, it’s ok. I’ll stay like that.” She raised one eyebrow. “Seriously? You’re doing your flirt tricks to me?” “Well, I think it’s working” I said and looked her straight in the eyes.

Then I leaned in. It was the time I have been waiting for so long. I was going to kiss her, finally, after so many years I waited!


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