One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


20. That Sounds Good


Hey babies! Are all you having a wonderful 2014? :) So here is the next chapter. For one more time, thank you so much for reading this! Stay lovely xoxo :)


“So are we together now?” I asked him happily.

“Yeap, you can officially call me your boyfriend!” he answered me.

“So where are you going me for our first date?”

“Well, what about a nice dinner at my house by the master chef Harry Styles?”

“That sounds good.” And we kissed again.

We continued our walk and he left me to my house in the evening.

I immediately called Marilia and told her everything. After I jumped all over the house for one more time and danced like a maniac with the song “Emotions” cover by Ariana Grande.

So I had a date today at 8 o’clock with Harry, my ex best friend and now boyfriend. But wait, what his fans and management are gonna say? I mean, what am I and everyone is gonna like me? At least, me and Harry are happy together and that’s the important thing. Will he be happy though if his fans are disappointed by him? I guess I’ll just have to ask him.

For our date I wore this…

I also curled my hair and put on some red lip-stick and eye-liner.

We ate, and generally had a very great time, and at the end I finally asked him, while we were cuddling in the sofa.


“Yes, cookie?” he said softly.

“What will management and your fans say about me? I mean, I don’t have anything special on me, I’m not a model or a famous actor, and I’m just another girl who has fallen in love with you! No way, they’re gonna be cool with us together.” Now I felt even more worried about it.

“Oh, c’mon! You are really special. You’re perfect, irresistible…”

I cut him off: “Only for you, Hazz”

“Look at me.” He said and looked me deeply in the eyes. “No mutter what they say, I won’t let you go. You’re perfect to me, and we’re happy together, I’m sure they’re just gonna say: “Omg, you’re so cute together!” he pretended a teenage girl.

I laughed, he always makes me feel better.

“I love you Harold.”

“I love you too, Maria”

And we kissed. I think we kiss every 5 minutes! I still want more. :)

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