One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


5. Oh Yeah, That Was My Girlfriend.

After we paid, we went to some shops, and by some I mean a LOT! By the end of the day, we were all really tired. Harry had an idea. We could go to his house and watch drama movies, with sweet popcorn and ice cream, like we did since we were little. But that question was still buzzing in my head. “What should I do?”

We watched “The Notebook” first, mine and Harry’s favourite film.  As we were cuddling :D, his phone buzzed. “Hey baby” I quickly turned my head. “Yeah, I’m here with a friend of mine” Was he talking to a girl? “I-I missed you too! What do you mean, dirty girl?” My heart broke into million pieces. He had a girlfriend. HE had moved on. After all he said? After making me believe he was mine again?

I slowly moved away from his arms. “Am, ok I’ll call you later. Lo- love you too.” My heart broke even more now by his words. “Are you ok?” “Yeah, I- I’m fine” “Ohh, that’s my favourite part!” and we kept watching the film, but I couldn’t get my head out of.. of that thought. What’s her name? Is she beautiful, more beautiful than me?

After the film was over, he offered to take me home. I hesitated but he won, as always.


“Are you sure alright?” “Yeah, I’m just tired.” He didn’t believe me, I could feel it. “Harry..” “Yes, cookie?” That’s how he called me. “That girl you talked to today?” “Oh yeah, that’s m-my girlfriend.” “Oh..” That’s it. I’m dead.

Silence. We didn’t talk at all after that.

When I stepped in my house, I took off my jacket and my shoes and I sat on the couch. Oh and then, I burst out crying. I couldn’t hold it anymore! And because I don’t like crying alone when I’m heartbroken, like every normal girl I called my bestie, Marilia. “Hey, baby what’s up?” “I-I… Harry and…” I tried to say. “Omg Maria, are you crying?” “Ye-es.” “Ok, don’t say anything else, I’m coming” she said and in five minutes she was standing at my door step.



Hey everyone! This chapter had a lot of drama ha? I know you like it though! :-) Thank you a lot for reading this, and remember : Stay beautiful! xoxo

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