One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


10. Oh, this is war!


Here I am again! How are you, lovely movellians? So, this is the next chapter, it has it ups and downs, but in the next one, I promise you'll get what you're waiting for so long. It's all part of the plan.




Everyone’s eyes widened.

“Right Maria?” she faced me and squeezed my hand for once more.

“Yeah, yeah. His name is…”

“George!” She cut my off. “They are dating for a month now. They’re so cute together!” I slightly smiled at her. I’m so curious to see what is gonna happen now.

“Oh, congratulations then!” Niall said and hugged me.

"Th-thank you, Nialler!" I told him.

“You didn’t tell me nothing about him…cookie.” Harry said in a jealous tone.

Yep! Ladies and gentlemen, I got Harry Styles jealous!  :)

“I guess I.. um, I forgot.”

I start to like this.

But wait! He seems annoyed. By me? Having a boyfriend? He has a girlfriend, a real one! What’s his problem?

Alexia’s face brightened up!

“I’m so happy for ya, baby!”

She’s weird. I hate her.

“Isn’t it great, Hazz?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I’m so happy for you! But no way you’re so happy as me and Alexia are.” He said and kissed her.

At first, my heart broke into million pieces. Anything I loved about him, any hopes of me and him, were disappeared. But then, as I saw him kissing her, I got so jealous, and then so mad.

What a jerk! What happened to Harry I knew?

Oh, this is war!

“Oh, then, we should probably all go away now, so the happy couple here can make out!” Everyone was shocked by the whole situation.

They stopped kissing. Finally!

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to my boyfriend now.”

I hugged them all and went away, furious.

In my way to home, I bumped into someone.


(A/N) again:

Ohhh, who you say this 'someone' is gonna be? I'm waiting for your comments...

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