One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


16. I want us to be...



I just saw Harry running with watered eyes. And what’s wrong with that Brat dude? He just grabbed me and kissed me without even knowing me! Boys are all so pigs!

I got in the house where everyone ran and hugged me and the girls. Zayn kissed Marilia; they were so cute. The boys introduced us their girlfriends, Eleanor and Sofia. Then I remembered Harry. Where is he?

“Amm, do you know where is Harry?” I asked Niall.

“Oh, after That guy kissed you he started running, I couldn’t stop him. I think the beautiful girl from here broke his heart!” he said looking you up and down.

“Well, he is the one who has a girlfriend!” I said.

“It’s complicated. And I saw them shouting to each other. Just go talk to him.” He advised me.

“Thanks Nialler!” I said and we hugged.

Before I get out of the house, Alexia stopped me.

“Hey, you! What’s wrong with Harry? He just mumbled something about breaking up…” she said.

So he did broke up with her.

“Are you the reason for that? ‘Cause you’ll never take my place next to that millionaire jerk. I need his fame.” she added.

“What?” I whispered. “Harry is a wonderful person, and he doesn’t deserve any of you!” I yelled. “Now go to the hell, you and your stupid fame!”

Ohhhh, that was burn. :)

She just looked me with a disgusted face and left.

My eyes had watered now, and I was looking outside for Harry. All of a sudden I remembered, Harry loves nature as much as I do. Whenever he was sad, he went to a park or something. He can’t hide his feelings.

So I started running to a park I saw near the house. I start walking and walking when I finally reached a little pond. I heard some cries and I saw Harry sitting on a bunch right next to the pond. “Hey!” I said trying to be heard happy.

I sat next to him. He turned away his face. I put my fingers on his jow and made him face me. Tears streaming down his face and his eyes were red from crying.

But he was still beautiful.

I couldn’t help and my eyes watered too.

We just stand there looking at each other for a minute. Then we just hugged, a long, tight hug. When we pulled away, I looked him in the eyes and wiped his tears away. “Why are you even crying?” I mumbled. “Maria, Alexia.. was.. she wasn’t my girlfriend. It was management. And I couldn’t do otherwise. You know I’m not like that, but the whole fame…” he started talking, really fast.

“Shhh!” I said and continued: “Never say that again. You’re still the most wonderful, funny and thoughtful person on earth. You’re still the cheeky and flirty boy I fell in… I-I like. And..Brat is not my boyfriend or whatever. He’s just a hot jerk.” I smirked. His face brightened up. “Look, can we just forget everything?” I told him looking down. “Maria, it’s just… I don’t wanna be just friends with you. I want us to be…” he said.

I looked up, facing him.



Heey there, loves. Sorry I didn't update. I was (and still am) a bit sick. :(

Anyways, here I am, hope you enjoyd the chapter. But whatca think, Harry wants?

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