One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


2. He Couldn't Take His Eyes Off Me.

The next week we was leaving. We spent the week together. The most magical week of my life!

I was there at the airport to say good buy to him. It was the most hard good buy for both of us. Then, I saw his way to the X-factor. We called each other like 10 times every day! He was so happy, but he never forgett to tell me how he missed me and loved me. I cried every single day, I can remember every single tear. After, we kinda lost a bit contact; we called each other only 4 times a day :)

But then, he was put in a band! I was screaming and jumping all over the house! He told me that they would come for a while to live in his plase 'cause "we have to be first friends, and then a band". I waited him at the airport. As soon as he arrived, we ran to each other-like the movies- with a HUGE smile on our faces. I could finally see my best friend again! My beloved Harry! Wait, what did I just say? Whatever, we hugged tighly and he spinned me around. We were screaming and crying a bit. We couldn't let of each other! Then he put me down and he introdused me to the boys. I welcomed them all with a hug. They were lovely! Harry couldn't get his eyes off me, heehe! "So you are the girl who Harry talkes about all the time" said... Louis? "III, hope so.." and that's how we met. We spent together all the time with the boys.

They had to left again though. Aaand, here we go again. Crys again.

Anyways, they became famous, I watched every show, so I know. And we lost contact. One day I desided I had to put an end to this.  No more pain, I just had to move on.

"Hey love, how are you? I missed you" This made it even more hard. "I'm.. fine. Listen Harry, I have to tell you something." Silence."It's not you, it's just. The whole fame thing.. I'm glad you're following your dreams, I just.. I can't do this. I think you should forget me." "What?" "Can't you see? We have lost contact. We haven't talked for months. It's not you. I just feel that we both have to move on." "But, I lov...". And then the line cut off. It was our last talk.


I moved on. Slowly. He called and texted. I didn't answer. And I guess he moved on too. He dated Cher Lloyd. Our close friends said it wasn't something real. He dated lots of models. "Don't make it such a big deal".

Some months later I went to London. My dream from when I was little has been to move there and be a fashion designer. I said my good buys to my friends and family, to Ann and Gemma too, we were really close friends, and I left. Now I'm making my dreams come true. And I'm happy. I miss a bit my old life a bit, but I'm enjoying my new life too.

I've moved on. I had some relationships, but nothing serious.

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