One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


22. Happy

~~(Heey, wonderful people. I’m back and I want to apologise for taking so much time to update. I’m truly sorry. You’re the greatest. Thank you so much for reading this, it means a lot! Love you, love you, love you… xoxox)

So for some weeks we pretended to be life time best friends. As possible. Some fans got jealous, even if we said a million times we’re just friends. Some others liked me. They actually said that we “should be a couple”. Some others understood our plan and some others just acted like nothing happened, even if the whole Hollywood was talking about Harry Styles’ friend, who could also be his girlfriend. It was actually funny; we sat together reading all that stuff, and laughed, enjoying people’s ignorance. We would never sit and cry ‘bout it, it could ruin our … happiness.  I think the situation could be called like that. Harry wanted to publish our relationship, it was easy to understand we were a couple, only because of the way we looked each other. But, management was still unsure about it. “All boy-bands should have one or two single boys, the charming one’s”. It’s not that they didn’t care about Harry’s feelings, but- I just don’t know. All I know is that Harry would get angry with it, and I was the one who had to try and calm him down. It’s not that I didn’t wanted to do that, I just hated seeing him sad, and when, at the end, we would laugh with my stupidity- I wanted to make him laugh-, and I could see happiness in his face, surrounded with deep dimples, a smile in my face would appeared. And in all those difficulties, we were still happy…
I have worked at a boutique for a part time job. The owner of the boutique is a really nice woman, we are still really close friends, and she knows a lot of fashion designers. She knows about my dream (I have wanted to become a fashion designer since I was 12), and she actually let me make some of the clothes. Her name is Mrs Smith. Jane Smith  -how common- she had seen my designs, and she liked them. So, before some days, she met me to the owners and designers of the company “River Island”, one of my favourite marks of clothes.
I showed them some of my designs, and they interviewed me. It was a really good interview, actually. Otherwise, I wouldn’t talk about this right now, right?
We talked about my fashion icons, my favourite kinds of clothes, about my studies, and about my dreams for the future.
After the interview we were all satisfied. My nervousness had gone away, but still, when we shook hands for the last time, and Mrs. Jane and I went out of the building, my knees started shaking again. The comforting words of Mrs. Jane relaxed me.
“Oh, come on, sweetie! It’s OK, you were great in there! I’m so proud of you!” she said.
Yesterday, Mrs. Jane told me that the people in the interview really liked me and they would call me.
Marilia had also been on an audition for the X-factor to be one of the dancers. She had decided to change career. Boy, she liked so much dancing! They actually accepted her! And, it seems like a dream, I know, but you have to chase your dreams, otherwise they will never become reality. That’s life…
And what is more, the boys brought out an album, and they would start their tour in some days from now. And I had been really good friends with the boy’s girlfriends.

We all started getting ready for the tour, mostly emotionally.
I guess, we all have been happy lately. If I could only have a normal relationship…
But, sometimes, it was so exciting, going into the house and being pushed on a wall by your boyfriend, who could wait no longer to break the distance between you two.
In 3 days, Harry and the boys would live for their tour. Yesterday, Harry and I went out for a movie. We got really emotional, but we loved it. As we walked out of the cinema, he had his hand arm around me. I had now got used to my heart fluttering whenever he was near me. So, somehow, I found myself having my hands around his neck kissing him hard on a wall (again!). He was kissing me the same hard as he had wrapped his hands around me.

But, it was a soft, sweet kiss.

When my hormones and lips calmed down, I realized what we actually had done, and I didn’t care at all. I would never, ever, let him go now. And if a picture of me and him kissing was the cover of all the magazines of the world, still, I wouldn’t really care..

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