One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


23. Good Memories

~~(Hey guys, sorry for bad updating. But here’s the next chapter. Hope you like it. Thank you so much for reading. x.)

Today morning, I had a meeting with River Island’s people (there is actually River Island :P).
I’m so happy my dream is now a reality! All morning, I was listening to the song “Happy” be Pharrel Williams!
I will also take part in a competition, where the best designer will get to design the next Blueberry winter FREAKING collection, and of course will take an award. I hope I will win that competition, it means a lot for me.
You know, I’ve always believed that you gotta chase your dreams, realise them, otherwise, no one will come into your life and make your dream come true. It’s life, I guess, but I love the way it is.
If I hadn’t shown Mrs Jane my designs, if I hadn’t taken part in that competition, if I hadn’t practiced in designing my whole life, I wouldn’t be living my dream right now. That’s the game. You are born to make your dream come true. 
But, I can’t forget the fact that my closest friends, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn, and my boyfriend- I still can’t believe it-, Harry, leave tomorrow night.
Today, I was going to Harry’s place to help him with his suitcases. He had given me the keys of his house, because he had an interview, and he wouldn’t be there. When I stepped in, it was clean enough, for someone who is almost never home. But Harry is apparently a clean-freak, and he’s never messy or dirty.
I took off my shoes, and then sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. It was showing the One Direction’s interview live. I turned up the volume, and I heard the interviewer’s voice:
“Haha, yeah, so Harry, I have to ask you something. We recently saw a picture of you and a mystery girl kissing. And the mystery girl is… your.. ah… best friend, Maria.”
Oh shit.
“So do you have anything to say about this?” she asked him showing him the picture.
“Well..” Harry started to say, “I-I’m not good at lying about this staff. Me and Maria are dating for almost a month now. I hate it when I have to say that we are just friends, we WERE friends for some years and it’s finally the time when we showed our feelings to each other. But, we had to wait, you know for.. practical reasons. I love her, and she’s very special to me.” Harry took a deep breath and smiled, showing his dimples.
“Oh ok then. Fans like you and her as a couple, and if you two are happy that’s all that matters.” She replied smiling.
And then the boys started teasing him. My heart was ready to explode. He had wanted to do this for a long time.  And now it was the time? On TV? One day before his tour?
After an hour or so I heard some keys in the door. It was Harry. I quickly stood up and run to the door. It opened and I fell in his arms. “I can’t believe you did this.” I whispered.
“Yeah, I know. But I’m happy I did it. I’m happy I have you.” he said in my ear.
“I’m pretty positive I won’t let you go to your tour tomorrow, if you keep saying things like that!” I laughed.
Then, I helped him with his suitcases, and we ate as we watched a movie. In the afternoon, I sat up on the sofa and asked him: “I wanna do something crazy, so you can leave with memories. Good memories.”
“Like what?” he asked me with a grin.
“It’s April, isn’t it? So, it’s not THAT cold.”
He looked at me with a question look.
“The pool looks great!” I said, took his hand and οδηγησα him to the big pool of his house.
He smirked. “Don’t you-“
I cut him off: “Bring a bottle of wine. Today we’re gonna celebrate that we are officially a couple!” I screamed happily.
He laughed and came closer to me. He took my head with his big hands and pecked my lips. “Alright then!” he said looking in my eyes.
He went inside and brought a bottle of whatever it had in there and two glasses. We drank, and we laughed, and in some point, we went in the pool with our clothes. It was actually cold, and if we were sober, we might have just stayed out and not take of our clothes after. But that last part happened inside…
The next day the girls and me went with the boys to the airport. El and Louis were holding hands and they were whispering that they will make it, Marilia is sensitive so Zayn was trying to calm her by kissing her head while she was in his hug, Liam was trying to hide Sophia is his arms and Niall was tenderly eating a sandwich. Harry and I? He took in his big arms and hugged bringing me as close to his body as possible. I was hiding my body in his, trying to get enough of him as I wouldn’t be with him for 5 –at least- months. My arms were comfortably around his torso and we were both  softly crying.
“C’mon guys, lets go!” Paul called.
We looked at each other. The boys frowned and sad faces were appeared on the girls’ faces. They kissed again. I wiped away Harry’s tears and we kissed. He could get very emotional.
I hugged the boys too and they started leaving. As Harry was leaving, he shouted my name; “MARIA! I LOVE YOU COOKIE!” I called him back “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY!”
The girls giggled. I smiled at them. “What?”
“You’re just so cute together!” Marilia said and gave me a warm smile.
“I know Harry for a long time, Maria, and first time I see him getting so emotional for a girl. He usually just.. you know.. flirts with them, goes to a nice restaurant with them, um.. kiss them, and then leaves them. He is happy with you. You’re good for him.” Eleanor said and I couldn’t help but hug her.

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