One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


14. Chatting with the girls/ Why can't I forget him?


So, here I am again. Sorry for not updating, no time! So that’s why I made a big chapter. Thank you so much for reading this! Enjoy! Xoxo


I stood there for a minute, just watching him winking at my direction as he went off.

I slammed the door and called my 2 best friends, Marilia and Maria. Yep, time for girlz talk! :)

After some minutes I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and they started running to me! We all hugged tightly and screamed and fangirled for like half an hour. (this actually happens in real life too!)

We then went to the living room and sat on the sofa. I brought some tee and we started talking.

“So, what’s up, gurl?” said Marilia. “Good, good. What the hell am I talking about? You’re never gonna believe what just happened!”

“Ohoh, I’m listening!” said Maria and took my hand.

I told them everything: about George coming and Harry fighting with him, about our hot.. situation, about our kiss…

“Baby, he wants you!” said Maria.

“Definitely!” commend Marilia.

Then Marilia’s phone rang.

“It’s Zayn!”

“Ohohoh!” Maria and I cheered. “Loud speaker, loud speaker!”

“Fine.” Marilia rolled her eyes. “Hello?”

“Hi love.” I heard Zayn’s voise. Wait, ‘love’? Did Zayn called Marilia ‘love’? Woah, woah, woah, woah!

“Hi Zayn” Marilia answered and blushed.

“So, I was…maybe we could go out sometime! Are you free tonight?”

OMG! Zayn asked Marilia out! We all started fangirling whispering. Have I told you that we fangirl a lot?

“Y-Yeah, sure” Marilia replied.

“Oh, and, tomorrow night, I’m having a little party at my place! You should come! Bring Maria and anyone else you girls want too!” Zayn said.

“Ok, I’ll tell her. Byee!” Marilia said and they hanged up.

We all started fangirl again, this time REALLY loud!

“We should go to that party!” Maria said with her American accent.

“Yeah, and Maria will wear something really sexy and Harry will go mad, and leave that Alexia-bitch!” Marilia suggested.

“I don’t know girls…”

They both shshshshed me.

“No time for words. But you know for what it is time?

SHOPPINNGGG!” We all screamed and went, you know… shopping.

I wore this…



“Soooo, how was your… date?” I asked Marilia next morning.

We got into Starbucks.

She blushed. “Good, good…”

“JUST good?” Marilia had a huuuge crash on Zayn, so I knew that she was overexcited.

“Okay, you got me. We went to a fancy restaurant, and he was a gentleman, and we started talking, and we have a lot of comments, so at the end we kind of… kissed!”

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed. Everyone turned around. “Umm, 2 coffes..” I told the employee. (I don’t know what you say when you order a coffe! Haven’t tried it… lol)

“You kissed?” I whispered.

She didn’t answered. Mmmmm…..

So we took our coffees and sat down. We started talking and she asked: “What are you gonna wear?”

“Something hot” I giggled.

“Same here” she said. “You know, for Zayn, my boyfriend.”

I split my coffee. On my dress. She was with Zayn?

But I guess it was for good, ‘cause a really hot guy, the kind waiter, approached me.


“Are you ok, madam?” he said with his British accent and looked me in the eyes.

“Yeah” I said as he cleaned my jeans. “Well, actually, I would be even more happy if you told me your name!” I said. Yeah, I know, I love flirting.

He smirked. “My name is Brat. And your name is…”


“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” Cheeky! I like it! “Now, I gotta go. This is my number, you could call if you want.”

“Of course I want! I mean.. yeah, ok…” I blushed.

“Buyy!” he said and kept looking at me with his green eyes as he went away.

Harry has green eyes….

Ugh! Why can’t I forget him?

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