One Way Or Another, a Harry Styles love story

A love story that you only read in books, comes to reality. One girl, one boy and one true love. Will it last forever?


9. "BURNN!"


Here I am again, georgeous! So, this is getting a bit bitchy, but.. I think we all need it! Thank you so much for reading this, once again. Love ya! xoxo


She then looked at Harry. “Amm, aren’t you gonna introduce me to your little friend from here?” She asked him. OK, I’m not a bitch, but I’m gonna do this, for Harry’s good also! He seems like he hates her. Ouch.

“She… am…she..” He was shaking. Marilia was squeezing my hand under the table.

“It’s OK, Hazz. I can do it for ya. My name is Maria, and I’m Harry’s life time best friend. And you must be his GIRLFRIEND, aren’t you.. love?” I said and looked at Harry and then at.. her.

“Yeah, I’m his GIRLFRIEND, she replied for the third time. My name is Alexia and I’m a model. A top model.”  “Oh, stop the bullshit” spotted Louis. “You’re just a regular model” Niall spotted too. I smiled at them. I love those guys.

“Oh, so you’re just a model. I’m studding to be a fashion designer with Marilia, my bestie. Do you have a bestie? You know, someone who actually likes you ?”

Niall whispered: “BURNN!”. :)

 “Yeah, my bestie is Cara(you saw what I did? In your face, Cara, you’re trying to steal OUR Harry! Ok, back to the story). She’s also a model.”

Zayn mouthed to me “She’s also a bitch!”. I giggled.

“Harry, my BOYFRIEND,("I’m gonna kill her if she’ll say it again" I thought), has meet her. Isn’t she nice, babe?” She said facing him. “Yeah, she’s.. great.” He hesitated. “That’s my boy!” He said and kissed him, but he pulled away. This was so heartfull!

Marilia opened her mouth and said while squeezing my hand even harder:

“Well, Maria has a boyfriend too!”

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