Diana *Completed*

Hello, my name is Diana, I get bullied in school all the time and I do self-harm. Well my life is hell, each and everyday and the person to do it is Jamie, she makes fun of me because my parents died in a car wreck, she calls me Orphan. I just want her to leave me alone. Well I attempt suicide and am saved by Liam Payne and now the rest of One Direction want to be my friends but I am very suspicious. Read to find out the rest;) This is based off One Direction's New Song, I really hope you like it!!


15. You Were Right

Diana's POV

I get up the next morning and I have a text message and it's from Jamie.

Jamie: Hey, lets hang out today girl!! ;) x

Me: Well, Charles is coming over today

Jamie: It's ok, I'll be over in ten minutes.

I sigh and I change quickly and the first to arrive is Charles. "Hi Diana." He says, grinning and his cologne wafts through my nose as I go in to hug him. "Um Jamie will be joining us today." I say kind of awkwardly and he smiles. "Great." He says, grinning and I bite my lip.

We sit in the living room for a while and soon Jamie is here. "Hi Charles!" She says, hugging him and she smiles at me. "Hi." I say and she nods and we go to my living room. We sit around for a while, Charles and Jamie talking, me watching TV. "Lets go swimming!" Jamie suggests and Charles smiles. "Yeah!" He says and they jump up and they both run outside, laughing.

I walk outside and I just watch them. They are laughing and splashing each other and I feel like a third wheel.

Jamie's POV

"Charles, you are so sweet." I say, hugging him, after we got out of the pool we get our clothes dried. "So are you." He says, smiling and I poke his cheek. "Want to hang out at school Monday?" I ask, grabbing his hand and he kisses my hand. "Yeah." He says and I smile. Mission Accomplished. "Lets go to my house." I say, grabbing our clothes and we get into our now dry clothes. "Ok." He says and I pull him out of the door before Diana had the chance to come from upstairs. Now I will be everyone has their eyes on.

Diana's POV

I decided that since this is my house they should hang out with me so I go downstairs and I look for them. "Jamie! Charles?! I invited you both so we can all hang out but you are just hanging out with each other." I say, walking through the rooms. "Jamie? Charles?!" I shout and then realization hit me.

Liam was right, I should have listened to him, Charles is forgetting about me because Jamie is now getting him under her control.

I run upstairs and I grab my razor and I dig hard into my skin, I don't even wait for the hurt to sink in, I just cry my eyes out because, once again, I was naïve and I got hurt again.

Now I have no one. I am alone. Again.

Authors Note

Hello!! I know you are tired of Jamie but it will get better!!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo

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