Diana *Completed*

Hello, my name is Diana, I get bullied in school all the time and I do self-harm. Well my life is hell, each and everyday and the person to do it is Jamie, she makes fun of me because my parents died in a car wreck, she calls me Orphan. I just want her to leave me alone. Well I attempt suicide and am saved by Liam Payne and now the rest of One Direction want to be my friends but I am very suspicious. Read to find out the rest;) This is based off One Direction's New Song, I really hope you like it!!


13. What?

Diana's POV

I get up and I go downstairs and to my surprise Charles was here. "Hi Diana." He says and I look at my aunt and she just smiles at me and I look at him. "Hey, what are you doing here?" I ask and he laughs. "To walk you to school." He says and I smile. I go up and I quickly change and I go back downstairs and I grab my bag and we walk outside where the five guys wait but when I exit with Charles, their faces drop. I smile at them and they slightly smile back and Charles and I walk to school with them following behind.

We get to school and as soon as I step in everyone stops talking and stares and I remember that I am holding Charles' hand. I drop it and I look at him and his face drops. "Hi!" Riley, one of Jamie's little minions says. "Hi?" I say and she smiles. "Do you want to hang out sometime?" She asks and I look at Charles. "Um." I say and she just smiles and hugs me and leaves.

I go to my locker and I get my stuff and I just go to class and by 4th hour, everything seems really weird, why is everyone being so nice?

It is the end of the day and I go to my locker and I hear flip flops, I turn my head and Jamie is walking towards me. "Hey girl." She says, smiling and I just blink. "Um Jamie, if this is some sick scheme then I am not dealing with it." I say and she just laughs. "No I want to be your friend." She says and Charles walks up and she smiles. "Hi Charles." She says and he smiles. "Hi." He says and turns to me. "Ready?" He asks and I shrug. "Um actually, do you think I could take her home." Jamie says and I peek around Charles to her. "Um I guess." Charles says and hugs me and then leaves.

"Let's go." She says and then we start walking to my house.

Jamie's POV

My plan seems to be going well, be friends with her then get to Charles. Perfect. I can't believe she actually fell for it. "So want to hang out sometime?" I ask and she shrugs. "I guess." She says and I smile and then I leave. She doesn't even have a clue.

Liam's POV

"She just ignored us." I say to the lads. "I know, I mean if it weren't for you, she wouldn't have met him." Zayn says and I nod. "Now people are going to be friends with her, just because she is friends with Charles." I say and I bite my lip and I gasp. "What?" Niall asks and I look around at all of them. "They are going to hurt her!" I say and I stand up. "We need to tell Diana." I say and they all get up too and we leave.

Authors Note

I hate Jamie -_- but trust me things will go bad for her. HAHA Love you all!! My little lovelies -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo

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