Diana *Completed*

Hello, my name is Diana, I get bullied in school all the time and I do self-harm. Well my life is hell, each and everyday and the person to do it is Jamie, she makes fun of me because my parents died in a car wreck, she calls me Orphan. I just want her to leave me alone. Well I attempt suicide and am saved by Liam Payne and now the rest of One Direction want to be my friends but I am very suspicious. Read to find out the rest;) This is based off One Direction's New Song, I really hope you like it!!


5. Waking Up

Diana's POV

I wake up and I am really dizzy, so I squeeze me eyes shut. "She is awake." I hear someone say, I squint at them but all I see is a blurry figure. "Aunt Lisa?" I ask groggily and I feel a warm hand grab a hold of mine. "Yes, hi honey." She says quietly, that I almost didn't hear her. "What happened?" I ask, not remembering anything from earlier. "You had a cut on your wrist and you went unconscious because of too much blood loss." She says and then I remember, letting the pain flow out of my wrist.

The nurse brings in some pills for my headache and some juice and a sandwich and I didn't realize how hungry I was until I took my first bite. I try not to eat like a pig but it just tasted so good. "Hello love." I look up and the five boys are standing in my doorway. "Um hi." I say and I finish up my juice. "We brought you flowers." Harry says and I look at the bouquet of flowers in his arm and he walks over and sets them down. "We wanted to check on you." Louis says, walking forward and standing next to Harry. "I am fine." I say quietly, kind of embarrassed that they are there. "We still wanted to check on you princess." Niall says and I look at him and he is blushing. They all stand at the side of my bed and I just look at them, why are they here? Why are they being so nice to me, they are pretty much like every other guy, or are they? I mentally battle the pros and cons about these boys until I am stopped mid thought. "Why did you do it?" Liam asks quietly and I look at him and he has really sad eyes. "I-I, everyone hates me, no one wants me here, I was just doing them a favor." I say, looking away. "We want you here." Zayn says and I look back up at him. "No, you are just like all of the other boys here." I say and Zayn just shakes his head. "No because we don't bow down to Jamie, Liam punched a locker because she was being mean, he has gone through this before and he and US hate seeing you like this." Zayn says and I pull the blankets up to my stomach. "I've been hurt so much in the past that I don't know whether to believe you or not." I say quietly, staring at the wool blanket that suddenly seems very interesting. "Let us prove it. We will protect you from her." Liam says and I don't look up to know that the rest of the boys are nodding. "I don't know." I say and I feel all of their hands on mine and I look at my hand and sure enough they are there. "Just believe us." They say and I look at the bed. "I just need to think about it." I say and they nod and they each take turns kissing my hand and then they all leave.

After they are gone, I sit in my room and I just stare at the blanket. I want to trust them but they could just be lying to me, like everyone else. I might try but I just don't want anything bad to happen.

Authors Note

What do you think she should do?! I love all of you! Keep reading and comment! -1D's Diana

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