Diana *Completed*

Hello, my name is Diana, I get bullied in school all the time and I do self-harm. Well my life is hell, each and everyday and the person to do it is Jamie, she makes fun of me because my parents died in a car wreck, she calls me Orphan. I just want her to leave me alone. Well I attempt suicide and am saved by Liam Payne and now the rest of One Direction want to be my friends but I am very suspicious. Read to find out the rest;) This is based off One Direction's New Song, I really hope you like it!!


14. News

Diana's POV

I am sitting in the living room when there is a knock on the door. I get up and I open it and Liam bursts in with the guys. "Where is she?" Liam asks, briskly walking around all of the rooms. "Who?" I ask, grabbing his arm and pulling him to a stop. "Jamie." He says and I look at him confused. "Why?" I ask and he looks around me. "She isn't really your friend." He says and I just bite my lip. "Yeah she is." I say and he laughs bitterly. "No, do you realize that everyone is now being 'friends' with you because you are hanging out with royalty." He says, making air quotes around friends. Tears spring to my eyes and his eyes soften. "Why are you doing this?! This is actually something good happening to me and now you want to take it away from me. Why?! Why are you being so cruel?" I ask and he grabs my hand but I yank it away. "I am not being cruel, I am saving you from hurting yourself again." He says, tears now filling his eyes probably remembering the time he saved me. "I am not going to get hurt Liam, maybe she felt bad for being so rude and now she wants to make up." I say and he balls up his fists. "Diana, listen to me, I know this from experience, they are only using you because you are hanging out with Charles." He says but I shake my head. "No." I say. "Hey, what's going on?" Charles asks and I run to him and I look at Liam who looks furious. "Try talking to her, she only listens to you anyways." He says.

Liam's POV

"Try talking to her, she only listens to you anyways." I say, walking towards the door. "Wait, what is going on?" Charles asks and I turn to him. "Everyone at school was being nice to her and she thinks they actually want to be friends with her when I know they don't." I say and he looks at her and I think he is about to agree with me. "I think they are changing." He says and I shake my head in disbelief and the lads go out to the car and I stand there and stare at them. "You two are just to blind to see it but Diana, let me tell you, when you get hurt again don't come running to me." I say and I turn on my heel and I wipe the hot tear stained cheeks as I get in the car and I drive off.

Diana's POV

"Do you think he is right?" I ask Charles, laying my head on his shoulder. "I don't know but if anything does happen I will keep you safe." He says and I kiss his cheek. I keep thinking about Liam's way of seeing it and then my way. I don't like the way we ended things I will be going back and apologizing to him, I have to, him and the lads are the only friends I have besides Charles. "Do you think they are jealous of me?" Charles asks suddenly and I look at him. "Why would they be?" I ask and he shrugs. "I am always with you, I am the new guy in your life." He says and I shrug. "I hope not." I say, more to myself then to him.

I really hope Jamie really wants to be my friend because if not, all hell is going to break loose.

Authors Note

Aw Liam :( and ugh Jamie mehh, I hope you liked this chapter my lovelies!!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo

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