Diana *Completed*

Hello, my name is Diana, I get bullied in school all the time and I do self-harm. Well my life is hell, each and everyday and the person to do it is Jamie, she makes fun of me because my parents died in a car wreck, she calls me Orphan. I just want her to leave me alone. Well I attempt suicide and am saved by Liam Payne and now the rest of One Direction want to be my friends but I am very suspicious. Read to find out the rest;) This is based off One Direction's New Song, I really hope you like it!!


19. Ending One: Charles

Diana's POV

"So you and Liam are together?" Charles asks and I shrug. "I don't know yet because I like him and everything but I don't think I am stable enough for a relationship." I say. "Oh, well I want to take care of you." He says and I look at the ground. "Charles." I say and he cups my chin and pulls my head up and I look into his eyes and he leans down and kisses me. "I know I can take good care of you, more than Liam ever can." He says and I sigh. "Ok." I say and he smiles and so do I and I grab his hand and we sit on my porch swing outside.

After Charles and I started dating, I got bullied a little less and we grew out of high school and now I am the princess. "Do you want to go back to our high school reunion?" Charles asks and I nod. "It would be fun." I say and he nods. "Alright, get dressed." He says and I do and we leave.

We listen to the radio and soon we arrive to the school. I look at him and take a deep breath and then we get out and slowly make our way to the door. We walk in and everyone stares at me and him and I smile and wave and I put on my name tag and so does he and we go inside and I look around at all of the familiar faces and the unfamiliar ones. "Diana." I turn and there is Jamie, still looking like her old self. "Jamie." I say, crossing my arms. "I just want to apologize." She says, putting out her hand. I put mine out too, revealing my scars from all the cutting and she stares at them, tears in her eyes. "I made you do that, didn't I?" She asks and I nod. "You don't know how bad you hurt me Jamie, I broke several times until I just wanted to die, so I committed suicide but here I am because of one good soul." I say, tears forming in my eyes. "I was stupid back then." She says and I nod. "Yes and all I want to say is I forgive you." I say and I read her face which shows surprise and puzzlement. "Why?" She asks. "You have made me stronger Jamie, in a way that only people who have gone though what I have would understand." I say and she nods. "Thank you for the forgiveness but I don't want it." She says. "That is fine, I just want you to know that I forgive you." I say. "Jamie." Charles says and she looks at him and nods.

I saw some other familiar faces but one stood out and I walked over to him. "Liam?" I ask and he looks at me and his face instantly softens. "Hi." He says and I smile and hug him and so many emotions run through my body. "How have you been?" I ask, grabbing his hand and he interlaces our fingers. "Fine, how have you been?" He asks and I smile. "Good, I have missed you and now since you are here, I want to say thank you." I say and he smiles. "Why?" He asks. "You are the reason that I am here today, that I am the princess." I say and he grins. "I couldn't let you kill yourself, I would miss you too much." He says and I smile.

I go to the stage and I get up there and I smile. "Hello everyone, I am Diana." I say and everyone piles around. "There were a lot of people who bullied me but I want everyone to know that I am thankful for one person to have a soul, who saved my life, him and his friends, Liam." I say and then the rose flashes into my mind. "Liam, come to the front." I say and he does and I smile down at him. "Thank you so much for everything you and your friends have done." I say and I start singing the song he wrote for me and his eyes well up with tears.

"Thank you." I say, after I finish and I grab Charles hand and we leave. We go home and I sit in my chair, thinking about Liam and his friends until I get tired and I go to sleep, where I have a dreamless sleep.

I make a late night trip to the grocery store, not knowing that it was going to be my last night, ever. I am on my way out and I get in my car and I pull out and start driving on the highway, I pull off to go home and there is someone who is speeding right towards me and I am about to move but I am too late, the car hits me head on, flipping the car and killing me on impact, the last thing that I thought was i'm sorry and I love you.

Liam's POV

"That crash looks bloody bad." I say, staring at the car crash on the news. "Oh, it does." Lou says and I turn up the volume and my heart stops because the pull up a picture of Diana. "It looks like Princess Diana is the driver in this car and I am sorry to report this but she was killed on impact." The reporter says and my heart stops completely. I watch as a gurney takes her body away, into the ambulance and I just break completely, I start bawling. I loved her and now she is gone. This should not have happened.

I attend her funeral and I stay toward the back and I cry my heart out silently. "Liam." I look up and Charles is walking toward me. "Hi." I say, wiping my tears away. "Are you ok?" He asks and I shake my head. "No, I am sorry for your loss." I say and he nods. "I have to go." He says and I watch him in disbelief, leave. I turn back to her coffin and I walk up to it and I put down the rose we gave her and I walk away, knowing I will never be happy again.

Authors Note

Ok, sorry that this is emotional and that might not be how her accident was. Sorry and I am not trying to hate on Prince Charles, I love you guys and thank you for reading this chapter. -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo

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