I've Fallen in Love with My Sisters Best Friend (One Direction/Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Who knew you would only realize your feelings for someone you've known for a long time just as he confesses to you the feelings he earned for your sister?


6. Chapter 6

Claire's P.O.V.

I come back home... Well, technically Kathy and Kat's house. But anyway, I see Kathy looking out the window of the kitchen. I look closer to see Niall catching Kat and spinning her around. I knew it! Jealousy. How could she not realize her feeling yet? It s pretty obvious. Oh yeah, the twins aren't good at all in telling feelings. For example,

See? They're horrible. Wait who am I talking to? Oh right. Myself. "Jealous, much?" I ask smirking. "For the las time Claire, NO!!" She exclaims. "It may be the same feeling, but it CERTAINLY ain't jealousy! I got over the tiny crush WAY back. Plus, He likes Kat!" She says looking back at the last part. "OMG! Are you serious? I can't wait for their wedding!" I say sarcastically. "Ha. Ha. But, it's true! I caught him staring at her." She points out then she covered her mouth after realizing what she just said. "OMG! You stared at him?!" I yell. "Nope. Just kidding!" She says nervously. "I'm not blind you know! I know you like him!" I say. "Ha. Ha. Like I said, In. Your. Dreams." She exclaims then walks out. I'm so gonna tell Dani about this.

Kathleen's P.O.V.

Could Claire be right for once? Do I really have feelings for Niall? Nah. I'll just put it at the back of my head for now! It is IMPOSSIBLE! 

Although, she could be right.

No she can't! I already got over my feeling on Niall!

Whatever you say!

Go away!

I can't! I'm you!

Whatever. Just stop talking!

Yeah alright!


I can't have feeling for Niall! Could I? Yes.


Even if I do, I'm gonna get rid of it. How? By doing everything I can. And how is that? By:
Learning to hate him
Training myself not to like him
And many more.

Whatever you say.



Yeah, yeah. I know, I know! It was pretty short! I'm sorry! Please read the bottom:

Dear readers,

I made it short because my ballet teacher scolded me, because I was supposed to be dancing but I was writing instead.

-Simone T. xoxo

There! Now you know!

1.who found out about Kathy's little crush?
2.Does Kathy accept her crush?
3.Do you like the story?
4.Should I continue?
5.Will you keep reading?

ANSWER NOW! (Winner can be one of Kat's model best friend! The one who tells a specific secret)

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