I've Fallen in Love with My Sisters Best Friend (One Direction/Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Who knew you would only realize your feelings for someone you've known for a long time just as he confesses to you the feelings he earned for your sister?


5. Chapter 5

Kathleen's P.O.V.

"Hello? Kat-Kat? Earth to Kat-Kat?" I say waving my hand in front of her face. "Uh.. What?" She says back to Earth. "You zoned out!" I chuckled. She blushed. "Oh, sorry!" She smiles. I love being the older one where the younger ones have to be polite! "It's fine! Me and Claire are gonna talk in my room, K?" I say. "Uh.. Yeah, sure! I'll uh.. Be out with Niall, aye?" She says running off. I get the feeling again. I don't know what it is. Probably cold. "Come on, Claire!" I say. "Yeah!" She says while we run off. I tell her everything about the feeling. She smirks.

"Awww! How sweet! Kathy's in love!" She cooed. "For the last time, AM NOT! I got over that feeling WAY back!" I say remembering my childhood. "I guess it went away then came back then! Remember its destiny!" She repeats. "NO IT IS NOT! Sheesh Claire! Don't remind me of your childhood crush on that geek Robert!" I laugh. She pouts. "Never happened." She exclaims. "It did." I say. After minutes of arguing she finally gives up. "Okay, so it did happen! This is different!"she says.

after another group of minutes on arguing, I gave up. "Okay, okay, it's different! Sheesh!" I confess. She smirks. "Still, you're in love!" She says. "No, I am not." I exclaim. "Watch out, your words will come back!" She warns. "Ha. Ha. In your dreams!" I say. "Wow! Too late it already happened in my dreams." She says sarcastically. "Ha. Ha. So very funny." Before she could say something else. We hear a loud knock. I open it and there stood an angry Trillion. "I can't beweeve you weft me in da cawr!" Hey yells in a baby voice even if he's ALREADY 12. "Sorry Trillion!" Claire says. "Fine! Where's Tania?" He asks. "Who's Tania?" I ask too. "Tiffany's sista?" He says. "Ohhhhhhhhh! Tianna! Not Tania!" I smile. "Their over at Chelsea's house across the road!" I say. (A/N Chelsea is Katherine's sister! Kathy and Kat are step sisters! They have different fathers but the same mother!) "Okay! Claire? Can you bwing me?" He asks Claire. "Yeah sure!" Claire replies. I go wait in the kitchen and peek out the window. Niall and Katherine tickling each other like they're about to die. There's that feeling! I wish I can just let go of this crazy feeling! I don't even know what it is. Oh! Kat falls but Niall catches her and spins her around. Feeling again. Help Me Lord.


Do you ship- #Natherine? Or #Nathleen?

i ship Nathleen!


1.What is Kat's job?

2.Whats Kathy's job?

3.what did Kathy and Claire play when they were younger?

4.Should I still keep writing?

5.Do you still like my story?

ANSWER NOW! (Winner gets to be a character!)

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