I've Fallen in Love with My Sisters Best Friend (One Direction/Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Who knew you would only realize your feelings for someone you've known for a long time just as he confesses to you the feelings he earned for your sister?


3. Chapter 3

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(Danielle's P.O.V)

"Hey Claire?" I ask to my 19 year old sister sitting on the couch, eating Mango Float. It reminds me a LOT of Kathleen. How she LOVED Mango Float. (a/n sorry if I didn't mention this before!) She turns her head and looks at me. "Yeah?" She says. "Do you or do you not want to go to U.K. with Sara to visit Katherine and Kathl-" and before I finish she tackles me to the ground shouting a big 'YES!!!' "We're leaving tomorrow!" I tell her. Before I say anything else she rushes to her room to start packing. I honestly want to go because I want to see Katherine and try to convince her to do some dancing again. But she would refuse because Kathleen ALWAYS gets moved up in recitals to a higher level and is SO MUCH higher then Katherine now, so she quit. And I know how much Claire misses Kathleen. And plus, I wanna see my boyfriend! The oh so popular Liam Payne.

Then I hear footsteps and see Claire coming back down. "Is Trillion coming?" She asks. I simply nod my head before she rushes back upstairs. (a/n Trillion is their made up 12 year old brother.)

(Claire's P.O.V.)

I start packing mine and Trillions clothes for the visit. Honestly, I miss them so much, well... Mostly Kathleen. Me and Katherine weren't really close. We actually weren't close at all! Me and Kathleen were very close. We use to play Minecraft together when we were little ever since we got obsessed with our gadgets. Before Dani started going on tours in the U.S. I used to go with Kathleen on her tours because she is a singer. (a/n sorry if I didn't mention that) Me and Kathleen didn't get along with Katherine that much ip since she was a model. And we didn't really like being models. We weren't that kind of REALLY girly girls. 

I took up dance with Kathleen and Katherine. But a year or two after Katherine quit, I quit too. But Kathleen is still going strong though.... Katherine certainly did NOT have the shape for a model. Why? Because she was getting chubbier ever since she quit dance. She would've worked out but was too lazy and Katherine ate TOO much. But Kathleen did. She had the perfect body anyone would want but she certainly did not prefer modeling. So.. Back to the story!

When I finally finished packing, I kept wondering if Dani's best cousin, Tiffany was there. Kathy and Kat hated her! She pushed them and bullied, and ignored them ever since the twins turned 3. They had an almost bad childhood just because of her. She was terrible. She ignored her family and did BAD things with her friends and disobeyed her parents. Her parents CERTAINLY did not approve of her friends except for 3 of them.


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1. What is the name of Kathleen's best cousin?

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