I've Fallen in Love with My Sisters Best Friend (One Direction/Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Who knew you would only realize your feelings for someone you've known for a long time just as he confesses to you the feelings he earned for your sister?


12. Chapter 11

OMG! Guys, I'm so sorry for not updating! I kinda got caught reading Pearl White! You should read it! It was definitely inspiring! Anyway here is the 2nd update...


Niall's P.O.V.

After talking a bit, I decided to go home. I kept thinking about Kat, and honestly it was creeping me out. Then, I remembered the day it all started...


"Kat, have you seen my shoes?" I asked.

"Maybe, Maybe not!" She giggles.

Then she turns to run and I see my green shoelaces hanging from her Jansport bag. I get angry. She starts getting out of the house while I'm left inside. I run immediately. 

"Katherine Janelle P. Mhellone, get here NOW!!" I yell.

"Okay, Papa!" She teases. I sigh. "But you have to guess what P. stands for first!" She smirks.

"Pancakes?" I guess. "No!" She giggles. She is so beautiful! What am I saying?!?! Wait... Pancakes... Mmmm..... Then she creeps up behind me. She puts her mouth near my ear. 

"Peazer" she whispers. It brought chills to my back.

Ewwww!!!! She is my best friend crying out loud that's just gross!

but her hair left a tingly sensation to my back..

-End of Flashback-

And I stop to think, Am I in love?

Noo!!! That's just gross to be in love with my Best Friend!!!!! Ew! 

I keep heading to me and the lads' flat, when I hear a car honk and see bright lights flash in my eyes. I look behind me then everything goes slow motion. 

A car heads towards me and I want to move but fear is holding me down. I try to move but I can't feel a single muscle. In my mind I'm screaming but my body's like a statue. 

Then, it all goes still. Darkness surrounds me. Everything is black. 

Completely black.


Dun, dun, dun!!!!!! Don't worry guys! He'll be okay.... Maybe he will....... I'm just kidding! Maybe not.......

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