You can't save me - A Hayffie fanfiction

Effie isn't really stupid. Haymitch isn't completely drunk. But they've both got one problem. The Capitol Games. And it's not going as planned!
(no major romance scenes, suitable for all ages)
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3. The meeting

At least Peeta was glad to see me. Everyone else gave me "your from the Capitol" stares which always make me shiver. I don't really think Peeta wanted to see me as such, but as he was dragged along like me to this room full of horribly minded people, he was desperate for company.

"Do you want to grab a drink?" I proposed in a quiet voice just as the meeting started.

"Sure," he said "there's a coffee machine in the hall, will that do?"

"Sounds great!"


We practically ran out of the room. Neither of us were anywhere comfortable in there. We both pressed our fingers onto the screen of the machine and a few seconds later were delivered our usuals.

"I'll never get over that" Peeta laughed

"Its simple finger print recongnition." I giggled "As long as you've used a coffee machine of this model in Panem at least once then it'll give you what you got last time. Want something else, then you use a different finger and it'll remember for next time. You just have to remember what finger gives you what drink!" My giggles slowly turning into hysterics.

"I know how it works its just so clever!" he took a sip of his drink and had to try not to spit it out as he was laughing again "Oops! This is a Caffé Latte not an Americano! Wrong finger! Hahaha"

At this point we were both in hysterics.

"Well," I said containing my laughter "I did see these rather cute finger tattoos the other day that are little drawings of the drink so you can remember! Only issue is you can't have a coffee for a couple of days because your fingers are so swollen!"


We were both still laughing when everyone came out of the meeting. I saw old faces like Johanna and Enobaria along with District Representatives I'd seen on telly at previous reapings. Then I saw Haymitch. That stopped my giggles. His expression gave me the feeling that even getting so drunk that he couldn't remember the last week wouldn't solve this issue. I could try though.

I strode up to him "Haymitch, what's - "

He'd already walked off.

I tried Katniss.

"What's up with - " I stopped dead seeing the tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry.." She whimpered before collapsing into Peetas arms.

I gave Peeta a glance but he looked just as confused as me.

What was going on? What happened in that room? I looked around once more to notice that Johanna was glaring at me, as usual, but this time she had tears in her eyes too.

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