You can't save me - A Hayffie fanfiction

Effie isn't really stupid. Haymitch isn't completely drunk. But they've both got one problem. The Capitol Games. And it's not going as planned!
(no major romance scenes, suitable for all ages)
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6. Sweetie

I've been in my Extra Large Panem Princess bed for two weeks. The Avox's come everyday to give me food but I barely touch it.

I'm going to die.

That's the facts.

That's the only facts. Oh, and of course the other one, I'm doomed.

How come one minute I can be laughing over lattes and an hour later I can be drowning in tears over my certain death?

*knock at the door*

Damn, him again.

"Effie, sweetie."

He is not helping.

"Let me in, please." Nope... "You can't ignore me forever."

That's when I spoke for the first time in two weeks.

"No, your right, I can't," then I snapped "because I don't have forever!"

My voice cracked on the last word, my throat closing in, tears started to stream slowly from my eyes again. I stumbled to the door and opened it in one swift movement. Because he had been leaning against the door, he fell into my room, but he quickly righted himself before he had chance to hit the floor. Not drunk then.

"Effie, I -"

"Please don't, I don't need to know" I didn't want petty excuses.

"We didn't know, none of us. It was meant to be the children. The children of the most powerful ones in the Capitol. But then some of the District Representatives had a private meeting before the one with us and they decided that Escorts would be best. Apparently you made the most damage, because you chose the children, so it's your fault. Your the highest in the ranks, according to them. The most important Capitol people they had to blame. All the leaders are dead, the gamemakers are hiding or dead. Oh, Effie, everyones dead." He blurted all of it out so fast. Before saying the last line though, he paused, as if to remember them all.

"And soon I will be too." I squeaked

"Oww, you know I didn't mean it like that sweetie." His voice sounded so soft yet that hit me like a lightning bolt.

"Stop calling me sweetie!" I screamed, my voice straining after all the crying. "I can never be your sweetie and you don't know how much that hurts me!"

There. I'd said it. I had finally confessed my love for him. Did I mean to do it like that? Not quite... But it was out in the open now. I had said it.

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