You can't save me - A Hayffie fanfiction

Effie isn't really stupid. Haymitch isn't completely drunk. But they've both got one problem. The Capitol Games. And it's not going as planned!
(no major romance scenes, suitable for all ages)
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4. Johanna

"Johanna! Whats going on?!"

She stared at me. A long sad stare. What in the world was going on? Why is Johanna upset? For heavens sake, if shes upset we're all doomed. She's as tough as a rock.

Maybe the games are off? But surely they wouldn't be this upset. They wanted revenge but this is extreme. What about if someone changed the rules so the Capitol children have it easier? That would make the mad, not upset....

I tried Johanna again... "Please," I begged "You have to explain!"

More tears trickled down her face but once again, no reply.

"I need to know!" I was starting to sound hysterical now, I was in public, not good Effie, not good.

"Its....... I can't.... I-its... W-w-ee, we d-didn't k-no-w-w...."

"What? Didn't know what?"

"That..... t-that.... It-s y-ouuuu-u..."

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