You can't save me - A Hayffie fanfiction

Effie isn't really stupid. Haymitch isn't completely drunk. But they've both got one problem. The Capitol Games. And it's not going as planned!
(no major romance scenes, suitable for all ages)
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5. It was me

What in the actual Panem could be me?

It doesn't make sense...

Am I on there team? Why would they be upset? That doesn't make me that sad... Just annoyed that my reputation will crumble like puff pastry in front of me.

Maybe I'm a game maker? Still doesn't make sense...

What about I'm head gamemaker and there all upset that a Capitol Citizen is going to be incharge of killing Capitol children? I wouldn't be that nice though. Not after what happened to the victors last time they were all in the Capitol. And they now that...

I'll never really be a Capitol Citizen again. Not after the torture they all went through. The pain, agony and distress. I can't really be one of those people? Can I? I realise I supported the games but I didn't know, I didn't have a choice. Once I had signed up to be an Escort and was excepted, it was too late to go back. President Snow had me stuck there with his evil bribes. I wanted to forget the games, go back to being a little Capitol girl, not a big Panem renowned superstar Escort. Everyone knew who I was, the crazy bubbly Escort from the poor old District 12. President Snow said I would work there until we won, then I could move to a better district. It was far from what I wanted but I couldn't go back, so what choice did I have?

I spent 4 years trying to get Haymitch to sober up, being naturally bubbly, working hard. Then I realised why he drank. He couldn't turn to being bubbly, blocking it out, his hurt was much too deep. He had to turn to drink to block every emotion out. That's when I saw even more of what the cruel Capitol had done. They were doing much worse than killing people, they were making people suffer. Suffer until the day they died. Haymitch was never going to sober up, was he? I couldn't live like him, but I couldn't live like me.

Drugs. It was my answer. The small, pale capsules made me happier than ever. I started talking about blessing buttons and I was obsessed over being on time. They enhanced the happy characteristics and drowned out the sad. Panem saw us as insane. He was the mad drunk, I was the too happy Escort. And those poor children, I drew their names like it was a game at a party. I stopped taking the drugs after Katniss and Peeta arrived. They made Haymitch sober up, they did so much more than I could. They were different, they didn't want to live, they needed to live. Unlike the other children -



That's all that was left.

If I wasn't on there team, or a gamemaker, or head gamemaker.....

I was the children.

I was going into the arena.

It was me.

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