(Rated yellow due to the the content in the prologue) A year ago thirteen year old, Hayden Barrett went missing and was found having been tortured in the basement of an abandoned house. Now a year on, Hayden, whose still in severe shock, and her family are trying to work out how she survived being tortured by a crazed maniac with ergot poisoning. What will happen when she gets an unexpected visit from Hogwarts headmaster Professor Dumbledore?
(Note): Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover!


13. Piecing Things Together

After returning from St. Mungo’s, me, Harry, Ron and Hermione started to work things out. We wrote down stuff that we already knew. For a while we didn’t get anywhere until Hermione worked out how it all fitted.

Basically her theory was that my mum got Hypnofyliosis. Three days before I was born, she collapsed outside the Leaky Cauldron feeling dizzy and drowsy. Then this Connie Montgomery-Jones person took her to St. Mungo’s to help her. They treated her with the Elixir of Life, which also affected me. So thirteen years later when I get attacked I don’t die because the Elixir is protecting me.

“That makes loads of sense.” I said in realisation. “Plus I’ve found out about the Elixir they gave your mum,” Hermione said “Someone reinvented the Elixir of Life after the Philosopher’s Stone was destroyed. But instead of giving the drinker eternal life, it stops you dying from anything but old age.”

Ron looked at Hermione as if what she said was in gibberish. Harry quickly explained it to Ron again so that he understood. “So she’s not immortal but she’s got her own genetic shield.” Hermione nodded. This explained so much. I needed to tell Mum. But how would I be able to tell her something her wouldn’t understand? I asked the others this. “If she believes you can do magic, she’ll believe anything.” Ron said. 

So later that day I started to write to Mum. 

Dear Mum,
I got your letter. Me and my friends have worked it all out. Your dream wasn’t a dream. It was real. While you were pregnant with me you fell ill with a disease called Hypnofyliosis, which could have killed you. But you collapsed outside a pub on your way home from the shops and a lady called Connie Montgomery-Jones took you to St. Mungo’s Wizarding Hospital. They gave you something to cure the Hypnofyliosis called the Elixir of Life. 

It cured you and will protect you from anything that tries to kill you except old age. When you gave birth to me I was born with this as well. So that’s the reason why I survived last year. That’s why I’m still alive today. Tell Dad everything. He’ll understand. 

Please try and remember.
Loves of Loves From


I sealed the letter and gave it Harry’s owl, Hedwig. Hedwig flapped her majestic white wings and flew off into the evening sunset. 

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