(Rated yellow due to the the content in the prologue) A year ago thirteen year old, Hayden Barrett went missing and was found having been tortured in the basement of an abandoned house. Now a year on, Hayden, whose still in severe shock, and her family are trying to work out how she survived being tortured by a crazed maniac with ergot poisoning. What will happen when she gets an unexpected visit from Hogwarts headmaster Professor Dumbledore?
(Note): Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover!


10. "Eureka!"

Once the Christmas holidays were over, I started fourth year classes. First day back I had Divination with Professor Trelawny, Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall and double Potion with Professor Snape.


But after lunch me, Hermione, Harry and Ron had a free period. This is where I showed them my notes. “This is incredible.” Hermione said flicking through the scarps of parchment. “I think we’re onto something here.” I explained. Then Hermione dragged us to the library to look up deathly diseases.


“Eureka!” Hermione cried “Hypnofyliosis.” Then she pushed the book towards Harry, Ron and I.


Hypnofyliosis (Hip-No-Fili-Oh-Sis)


A disease with the following symptoms:

Major weight loss,


Drowsiness and



It’s the only known disease in the wizarding world to cause death.


“This Hypnofyliosis sounds nasty.” Harry said. I couldn’t help but think that my mum had it in her dream. How could she dream such a terrible thing? “When do we next get to got home for the holidays?” I asked. Ron shrugged “Easter.”

“Ron, why don’t you ask your mum if me, Hermione and Hayden can stay fro the holidays?” Harry asked.


“Perfect,” Hermione said “That gives us just enough time to come up with a plan of how we’re going to get to St. Mungo’s.”

“That’s a real hospital?” I gasped. Hermione nodded. So over the next three months the four of us will be busy planning and scheming.

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