(Rated yellow due to the the content in the prologue) A year ago thirteen year old, Hayden Barrett went missing and was found having been tortured in the basement of an abandoned house. Now a year on, Hayden, whose still in severe shock, and her family are trying to work out how she survived being tortured by a crazed maniac with ergot poisoning. What will happen when she gets an unexpected visit from Hogwarts headmaster Professor Dumbledore?
(Note): Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover!


12. A Trip To St. Mungo's

The next morning I woke up feeling like what happened was dream but saw my glass on the coffee table realised it wasn’t. Breakfast was bacon, fried eggs, sausages and toast plus a glass of orange juice.


Then owl post arrived. I didn’t have any today. After that I went upstairs to get washed and dress. On my way back downstairs, I bumped into Harry. “I’m sorry about last night,” He said “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s OK.” I said, “I guess you weren’t yourself.” We both sighed and went opposite ways.


Later Mr Weasley went to work and Mrs Weasley went shopping, me, Ron, Hermione and Harry started putting our plan into action. “We’ll be travelling by flu powder.” Ron said. Hermione and I didn’t look too happy about that. But Ron quickly demonstrated. All you have to do it take a hand full of powder, say your destination loud and clear then drop the powder.


It looked easy. So after Ron’s demonstration, I went next. I grabbed a hand full of powder, said “St. Mungo’s Wizarding Hospital.” Then I dropped the powder. I suddenly started spinning a little, which made be feel noxious. Then I stopped spinning and appeared in a hospital reception beside Ron.


Then Harry and Hermione appeared. Both of them looked a bit pale. After we sat down for a bit, Hermione and I went up to the desk. “Excuse me,” Hermione said “But do you know whether we’d be about to look at hospital records from September and October 1999?”

“Sure,” the lady at the desk smiled “I’m quickly get them fro you.” The she walked into a storage cupboard.


“That was easy.” Ron shrugged. Then the woman came back with to books. “Be careful with these,” she said, “We don’t want them damaged.”

“Thank you.” I said gratefully. The four of us sat down and opened the books. “Look around the end of September beginning of October.” I said as Hermione flicked through. I looked carefully too, for the name Lisa Barrett.


Then we found it on the last page of the September book. It read:


Mrs. Lisa Barrett

30th September 1999


Diagnosis: Hypnofyliosis

Notes: Collapsed outside the Leaky Cauldron. Found by Connie Montgomery-Jones. Near to death.

Status: Pregnant

Medication: Elixir of Life


Hermione gasped as I finished reading to page. “They gave her the Elixir of Life.” She said sounding gob smacked.  

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