The getaway

Kathryn and Ari are in college and they've been on the run for years and they just barely manage to escape everytime their father attacks. They find their brother in a high school and Kathryn has a premonition about a little sister. How far are they willing to go to protect their younger siblings?


6. Chapter 5

“Jasper carry the boat into the woods so it will be hidden.” Kathryn asks.

“ So demanding.” He said picking up the boat as if it was a piece of paper.

“ Show off.” I say in my head.

“ I heard that.” He smiles.

“So you are saying that our father, Malachi is the bad guy?”


“ Well this is unexpected. Have we ever met him?”     

“ We did once, we didn’t even have our powers yet.”

“ So now not only do we have to end this guy, we are basically killing our own father. And our sisters name is Petra?”


    After a few miles of our hike Kathryn had to sit down. She was sensing a lot of stuff and was scared she was about to go back into the premonition world.

“ He’s  here. He’s in the woods. We gotta move.”

“…too late.” A voice says. In front of us. Dark, hooded and missing eyebrow Malachi was standing right in front of us. He grabbed Kathryn. “It’s over, you are coming with me.”

“ No we’re not!” Yelled Jasper. He jumped in front of me and tried to grab Kathryn.

“ let me guess. Superhuman strength right? Yeah, not gonna work. Get em.” On command three goons  jump out the forest and grab Jasper. He struggled, but no success in getting free.

“ My powers don’t work.”  Jasper said. The goons put a vile around jasper and Kathryn’s neck.

“ Your powers are not gonna work near me. You see your mother forgot to mention that you have a weakness. It does not harm you at all, but it modifies you from using your powers. It is this little vile of sage. Its humours how such a powerful being such as yourselves can be weak animals just by a small amount of a herb. Give it up Ari, you are not going to win this. You are not a match to me with no powers. ”

    Not wanting to quit on my brother and sister I went up to my father and punched him in the nose, but I was quickly restrained by two more of his goons that came of the woods. They put a vile of sage around my neck as well. Maliki walked up to me holding his bloody nose.

“ Stupid little girl.” He said. The next thing I know is his fist coming at me, then pain and then darkness.

    “Ari? Ari, wake up. Come on. We need to get out of here.”

“It’s no use even if you get yourself untied you will never be able to get out of here.” Petra says. I wake up to a little girl standing over me, concern written all over her faced. She is pale and thin, black hair and green eyes, like us.  Very petite. . She looks about 6 to 7 years old and maybe around 69 pounds.

“ Ari?” The girl says to me.

“ Petra?”

“ She’s awake.” She tells the others.

    They all scoot themselves as close as they can to the little girl and me.

“Is everyone alright?” I ask.

“Yeah everything is fine and dandy except for the fact that it will be extremely difficult to get out of here.”

“I thought Petra said that it was impossible?”    

“Not quite.”

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