The getaway

Kathryn and Ari are in college and they've been on the run for years and they just barely manage to escape everytime their father attacks. They find their brother in a high school and Kathryn has a premonition about a little sister. How far are they willing to go to protect their younger siblings?


5. Chapter 4

So here is the past week of my ordinary life. Almost getting blown up. Adding a new addition to our family. Getting ran over with bikes and now searching for another unknown family member, our baby sister that is being held hostage somewhere in the world by the one man we have been running away from the majority of our life.

“Are we alllllllllllllllmost there yet?” Jasper asked miserably as he hangs his head over the side of the boat. “ Why can’t we just teleport”?

“if we were to teleport into a very populous area what do you think people would be saying?” Kathryn says. “besides we only have one more hour to go.”

“ I wish this guy would come and attack us, bet you would teleport then”.

“Well, there is also another problem. If we tried to teleport off the ship we would end up accidentally bringing the whole boat with us and I am pretty sure that no one wants a random boat in their backyard.”

“Is that because you guys haven’t yet mastered your powers?”

“Well, I do not really have any major powers except for my telepathy and premonitions. Which are things that I can not actually control although I wish I could. Ari on the other hand has been so busy writing this story and ‘studying’ that she has not had time to practice any self defense or try to control her powers.”

“Hey. I was trying to be normal for once. Give me a break.”

“Yeah, sure, why not.”

“Kathryn, I was analyzing the situation and I got to thinking that if she is our sister then she should have powers and if she does have them why is she not using them?”

“You know Ari that is the first question that you have asked me that I can not answer.”

“This is getting more and more complicated by the second. By the way I am really hungry.”

While pointing to the ocean beneath us Kathryn and I both said, “Sushi?”

“Uh, no thanks.”

We spent a half a day on the boat. We stopped once in a rundown city to stock up on snacks to get us through this journey then back on the boat for a two and a half day ride.

“Get prepared for a hike”. I tell the others. “ Its twenty miles of pure agony.” I say sarcastically.

“She means uphill.”  Kathryn informs Jasper.

“Oh my gosh does it ever end.” Jasper complains. Kathryn and I share a laugh as we head east in our mini speed boat.

“How about you guys get some rest.” I say. “ You will need it for the hike, I can manage this.”

“ Are you sure”? They ask.

“ Yes.” I reassure them.

They sleep in about three hours total.

“Ouch! She kicked me!” Jasper shouts, suddenly waking up to the assault. “Wait. I think she is having another one of her vision things!” He said holding down her arms so she would not hurt herself. His brother role has come so naturally. “Ari, I need your help. Something is wrong.” She is talking, it doesn’t make sense.” I stop the boat and sit down, putting kathryn’s head in my lap.

“ Kathryn, honey whats wrong. What do you see.” I ask in a supporting tone. I straightend her hair out in my hands and rubbed her temples. She was talking to herself, but it was not her. At least it did not sound like it. I listened more closely. “Kathryn, what do you see.”

“…. they won’t give up that easily! They will come for me I know they will! Your going to regret this.”

“What? Kathryn who are you talking to?” Jasper asks in a voice of concern. I started to understand that she was  talking as if she was the little girl having a conversation with the kidnapper.

“Not if their dead. After today they will no longer exist.”

“What are you talking about! No! You can’t do that!”

“I just did.”

“No. You can’t! Let me out of here, let me go!”

Then, she starts flailing around as if she were tied up somewhere. She also started crying and screaming. In all of her flailing she ended up punching Jasper and knocking him out.

“You won’t kill them! You can’t! They are your kids!”

“ Exactly! As your father I can drain all of your powers to have them as my own, just like I did before I killed your mother.”

“Shut up! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” She starts crying.

“ Poor pathetic little girl. Petra, why do you have these obscene realities of them saving you. They don’t even know you exist And soon they won’t either and all of your powers will be mine.”

“They do know! One of them has premonitions. She has probably seen me by now.”

“Which one?”

“How should I know .And even if I did k now, I wouldn’t tell you!” Kathryn lets out a slight scream then her body goes limp.

“Kathryn? Kathryn wake up! What happened? Tell me.” I listened to see if she was breathing. She was. Her body just laid their. She felt lifeless in my lap. Jasper woke up.

“ My God, what happened.”

“You got decked”, I said as I smoothed Kathryns hair down.

“ Is she okay?” Jasper asks as he grabs her hand in his.

“yes, I think the premonition took a lot out of her. This is the first time it went to that level. Can you keep an eye on her, I will start driving again. Considering that premonition we need to get out of here. We are about to be hunted like deer in season.”

“Ow. Now I am totally going to kill this guy he backhanded me.” Kathryn says as she sits up and rubs her cheek.

“So what did you see? What happened?”

“I was in a basement tied to a chair and I was completely powerless. It was the worst feeling ever. He is coming after us and he is also our father. He wants all of our powers. I felt all of the girls fear and anger. She is very strong but he has taken her powers and  she knows that we are coming for her. We need to get out of here.”

“ Hey look, I see land!” Jasper said relieved.

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