The getaway

Kathryn and Ari are in college and they've been on the run for years and they just barely manage to escape everytime their father attacks. They find their brother in a high school and Kathryn has a premonition about a little sister. How far are they willing to go to protect their younger siblings?


3. Chapter 2

“Ari, why are we back in high school”?

“Well I was thinking of a safe house when teleporting and this School is called safe haven high school, Maybe that’s why. We should still scope it out though…..Whoa”! I screamed as I fall backwards to the floor.

“Ahhahahaha!” laughs Kathryn, thinking that I tripped.

“Its not funny! Something just pushed me!”

“Oh yeah sure”.

“I’m serious!”

“ shhh wait, someone’s here”.

“Nah you think? Maybe it was what pushed me over. Hey bulldozer, show yourself!”

“ How did you know I was here?” A low toned boy asked as he became unmasked by invisibility.

“Whoa! Where did you come from!” I scream.

“Um the bathroom?”

“that’s a total lie, Kathryn says, You were not just there, I can hear what you were thinking as you passed us and knocked over my sister”.

“Wait, what?” The guy said.

“Uh. We gotta go, come on!” And with that Kathryn grabbed my shoulders and I grabbed the boy and we teleported out of there to an actual safe home in Santa Cruz, California.

“Hm this will do”. I say as we arrive inside the living room of the safe home. I push the kid on the couch.

“Don’t you even think about it,” Kathryn says” remember I know what you are thinking okay? No disappearing acts right now.”

“Who are you people?” The boy asks.

“How about we start with who the sam hill are you?” I say

“My name is Jasper. I am 16. What is going on? How did we get here? What are you?”

“ So many questions, could you ask one at a time. You are giving me a headache.” Kathryn complained.

“ But I only asked three.”

“Yeah, but you are thinking about 20 others”.

“Okay kid, we are not your normal every day kind of people.”

“I can see that!”

“Well neither are you, Mr. Invisible!”I accused.

“yeah, um..”

“Its okay, you do not have to hide it, we have powers to. We can help you.”

“ I do not even know you.”

“ well that’s what we are doing now, are we not?” I say.

Kathryn chimes in, “ We are not kidnapping you. We are trying to help you. You are like us. My name is Kathryn and this is my sister Ari”.

“Hey, I was getting there! I was just about to do the intros! You know you have to start acting younger because I am so the oldest here!”

“Well, I am still the tallest and the smartest.” I then shaped into a lamp post. “ Smarty pants!” Kathryn says.

“Whoa, what the world!” The boy shouts. “What, huh? What just happened here?”

“ Now look who can be taller. Anyway, Like I said kid, we have powers just like you.”

“jasper, would you stop talking to yourself, because it is kind of getting on my nerves.” Kathryn said.

“Wait! He was talking to himself?”

“Uh yeah. He was thinking to himself. Whatever you want to call it. Remember, mind reader.” She says pointing to herself.

“Uh, but I heard it.”

“You heard it? But that’s impossible, you are not telepathic”.

“But I heard it. See its doing it again. He is thinking about how hungry he is”.

“Oh wow, this just keeps getting weirder by the second.” Jasper says.

“Gosh I feel so invasive right now. How do you do this all the time. Its so creepy!”

“Hence the 24/7 headphones.”

“Ah I see. Wait! Did mom tell us that only by blood can we talk to each other using telepathy. I can only be telepathic if its through blood relatives. But why can I hear him?” We stared at jasper in disbelief.

“What? Would you quit doing that? You are creeping me out”. Jasper said.

“It can’t be? We never had siblings?” I say.

“ Do you know your birth mother or father?”

“Yes. But I live in a foster home now. My parents were killed ages ago by a man, I watched as he murdered them,  but they were not my real parents. A woman named Mary was my biological mother, but  I never met her. She gave me up at birth.”

Silence filled the room.

“would you say something?”

“wow. I don’t know what to say.” Kathryn says.

“Ahhhh! What the world is she doing, get off of me!” Jasper says when I attacked him with a bear hug.

“ okay, Ari, let him go. He can’t read your mind. He has no idea why you are hugging him. Sorry Jasper, she is just excited she found another sibling.”

“I always wanted a baby brother that wasn’t so smart”.

“Wait what? Brother? I am no one’s brother.  I do not have sisters.”

“Well, now you do. You share the same mother as us. That’s why Ari can hear your thoughts. Ari isn’t telepathic but only by blood can we all talk and hear each other’s thoughts. That’s why you can be invisible and walk through walls. Go ahead try to talk to her, you should be able to hear her thoughts to.”

Kathryn starts by saying can you hear me?

I can hear you, I say.

Oh my gosh, I can hear you to. Jasper says.

“See! I told you! You are our brother! Our mother is Mary. But the figure that killed your previous parents. What did he look like? ” I ask. Jaspers face sinks.

“Well. He was wearing a dark hoodie, about 6 feet tall, scruffy facial hair. Now that I think about it,  I do not really remember him, I just remember him appearing out of midair and then disappearing again. However, he did have a missing eyebrow”.

    I snorted and Kathryn sitting beside me, was also having a hard time keeping her composure to. “ Yeah that’s our fault. We so did that.”

    “What, what do you mean?” Jasper asked.

    “That guy killed our mother, Mary, too. He has been chasing us around for the past ten years and he is after you too. That is why we must stick together.” says Kathryn.

“So what are we  going to do now?” Jasper asks.

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