The getaway

Kathryn and Ari are in college and they've been on the run for years and they just barely manage to escape everytime their father attacks. They find their brother in a high school and Kathryn has a premonition about a little sister. How far are they willing to go to protect their younger siblings?


2. Chapter 1

    “Hey Ari, maybe you should stop with that story and get some work done, you have classes early in the morning”. 
“Excuse me, who is the oldest here”. 
“Who is the tallest, and the smartest, Yeah I totally went there”.  
“Whatever”. I roll my eyes and go back to work.  Suddenly out the corner of my computer screen, I watch as Kathryn jumps up from the couch and goes to the window. I forgot to mention, she can sense things, if you know what I mean. 
“Ari, I have a bad feeling” Kathryn says, “ Something is coming. We need to go”. 
“I thought you told me to get to work”. I mumbled as I started packing things together. We do not have much things, so it is not that hard to get everything all ready to go. 
“We need to go, like now”.  Kathryn says, then she grabs my shoulder, which means GO! Or in other wards, teleport asap! A second later we are outside looking up at what use to be our apartment building. In a matter of those teleportation seconds, it had blown up.  
“Well, guess he found us. Where to next. Who’s turn is it to pick now”? Kathryn and I had this game of choosing where to live next and we take turns at it. Her choice was the Bronx, New York. Now it is my turn to choose. My choice…”
“Oh really Ari, California? Seriously”?
    Before I could even get the words out of my mouth, Kathryn already knew. “Get out of my head! My choice, like I was “thinking” is Santa Cruz, California. I feel like some sand and the sun”. 
“You were the one who wanted to go to college and be normal”. Kathryn says. 
“ Yeah yeah yeah. I have heard this before. I am doing what I can just to keep us alive okay? I guess normality does not come into play when it comes to that”. 


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