kiddnapped by one direction

i was just walking along the train track with my friends when five blonde/brown haired boys ran past me and spilled my coffee all of a sudden I was in their room!!


2. thunder and love

as the thunder struck i screamed Harry rushed in and said soothingly "shh its ok the boys are  down stairs being thunder buddies, im here!!" as another thunder came i opened my mouth to scream but harrys lips covered it his lips where so soft. after me and harry where speechless i couldn`t say a word but harry did he said "i know its only been 2 days but will you be my girl friend" i nodded my head saying yes. in the morning we walked downstairs holding hands and Niall noticed and said "eh what happened to you to megan and ha.." he was cut of by me and harry kissing and Louis said " no my innocent eyes no burning LIAM" liam ran in and said " aww so romantic"

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