What about love?

Ashley's dad left her when she was 5 years old, her boyfriend cheated on her, but Austin comes to live with her and her mom in order to hide from the paparazzi. Will she give her heart another chance to love? and how will they handle it when her dad comes back?


15. tears and pain:

Shelbey's POV:

i finally arrived at Ashley's house. i was going to leave L.A. anyways, i knocked on the door; Ashley's mom opened after a couple of minutes. "hey is she okay?" i asked. "she locked herself in her room and she won't answer me" she said letting me in. "it's fine, i'll talk to her" i said then went upstairs and knocked on ashley's door. "Room service" i said. no answer, i tried again. "you know this service is special because it's for the ones who have a best friend like me who can make them feel better" i said again. She unlocked the door and stood there in front of me with watery eyes. i opened my arms to hug her, so she hugged me tight and cried on my shoulder. It was time to talk!

That girl was so fragile, Austin called me in the middle of our talk so i headed outside to answer. 

Austin's POV:

"don't leave her alone Shelbey okay? i'll be there tomorrow, i have a plan... and thankyou" i said before hanging up. i had made Ashley cry, she deserves the whole world but all i gave her were tears and pain. Alex came in slapping my forehead. "dude stop" i said. "how could you be so stupid? i wouldn't blame her if she doesn't wanna speak to you anymore" he said. 

Ashley's POV:

Austin used to tell me to cry on his shoulder whenever i wanted to, i never thought he'd be the reason for my tears. Dad soon arrived after finding out what happened.

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