What about love?

Ashley's dad left her when she was 5 years old, her boyfriend cheated on her, but Austin comes to live with her and her mom in order to hide from the paparazzi. Will she give her heart another chance to love? and how will they handle it when her dad comes back?


25. surprise surprise:

"ok i'm ready" i said. "i'll walk with you girls" Austin said. "NO WAY" i replied as quickly as possible. Austin looked at me with confused looks. "why not?" he asked. "because you're Austin mahone, everybody will come to you for autographs and pictures, i want my first day to be quite normal" i explained. "well if that's what you want, okay then just be careful" he said looking sad. i kissed him on the cheek making him smile. "i love you" i said. "love you too" he replied. "i'm still in the room you know, let's go" Shelbey's voice ruined the moment. "you ruined the moment Shelbey" i said sarcastically.

"Shlelbey? why is everyone looking at us?" i asked. "they're looking at you Ashley, you're famous" Shelbey replied. "oh great, so gossiping about me is going to happen with or without Austin coming with us this morning" i said. we took our seats in class, Mr. john started the class, great!

Austin's POV:

it has been an hour since the girls left, i've been thinking about a way to surprise Ashley, hopefully she'll like it. i was a little worried about boys in her school, i can't trust them especially that her ex is there.

Ashley's POV:

that stupid bell finally rang, i walked out of class to hear my cell phone ringing, it was Austin. "hey babe i'll be home in like 15 minutes okay?" i said walking towards my locker that was facing the main door. "oh  yeah i see you" he said even though i didn't get him. "what?" i asked. "turn around" he said then hung up. i turned around to see him holding a bouquet of flowers standing near his car outside. my jaw dropped, i ran over there and hugged him, he lifted me up and span me. "you're crazy" i said.

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