What about love?

Ashley's dad left her when she was 5 years old, her boyfriend cheated on her, but Austin comes to live with her and her mom in order to hide from the paparazzi. Will she give her heart another chance to love? and how will they handle it when her dad comes back?


17. singing camp:

The next day:

Ashley's POV:

i was on my computer when Shelbey sent me something that finally made me smile, i ran downstairs to tell my parents. Dad was going to stay with us until i get better. "guys guess what? there's a singing camp just across the road in the forest, famous singers will be there, i only have to audition first" i said excitedly. "well how much does it cost?" my mom asked. "is that all you care about?" i asked sarcastically making dad laugh. "you can go despite the high price, it's fine" he said when i hugged him tight. "THANKYOU" i yelled.

Alex's POV:

"are you planning on staying like that forever?" i asked Austin who was 

depressed. He didn't even answer me, i told him something that changed his mood a bit though. "they're having a singing camp in Ashley's hometown, they want you to be one of the mentors". "yeah? sure why not? i'm still not going to be able to talk to her because i don't think i'll be able to go out of the camping area".

Ashley's POV:

"okay bye see you in a week" i said heading out of the door. Shelbey and i arrived to the forest to see all the wooden cabins and of course the lake on the side, oh and the jury taking their seats.

i paced forwards the minute they called my name, one seat was still empty though, i wondered who else was coming. i was about to sing when the last person i wanted to see came to fill in the empty seat: Austin.

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