What about love?

Ashley's dad left her when she was 5 years old, her boyfriend cheated on her, but Austin comes to live with her and her mom in order to hide from the paparazzi. Will she give her heart another chance to love? and how will they handle it when her dad comes back?


2. same lies:

Austin’s POV:

“There’s nothing much to see, it’s a calm town and everybody knows everybody here” Ashley said when some old man shouted Ashley’s name, “oh hi mister smith, how are you?” Ashley replied, “oh my lovely girl, I wanted to see how you're doing after what happened, and i'm guessing you're absolutely fine” he said looking at me making me confused. “Yes don’t worry about me, and by the way we're just friends” Ashley said giggling, I wonder what happened but I guess that’s personal so I never asked.

After arriving home, Ashley’s mom wasn’t there. “I was wondering if you're free tonight?” I asked, a date won’t hurt so I don’t think she’ll say no. “No Austin, sorry maybe some other time” Ashley said then ran off to her room before I could say anything else, there was definitely something going on but I would never even ask cause I know it’s none of my business, I just feel a bit disappointed.

Ashley’s POV:

I went to my room and cried, I like Austin, sure I mean who doesn’t? I’m just scared of being in a relationship again, he’s a boy and boys are the same, they lie the exact same lies.

The next morning I woke up, took my usual shower and got dressed. I just wore jeans with a cute yellow t-shirt and a leather back jacket. I went downstairs, Austin was asleep on the couch so i covered him up carefully not to let him wake up.

“Hi sweetie” mom said, “hey” I whispered. “morning i'm awake but thanks for the blanket and the whispering” Austin said smirking, I smiled and turned around, the situation was a little awkward “okay so are u guys ready for the second day? There’s a festival going on all day” mom asked, so the festival was our next destination.


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