What about love?

Ashley's dad left her when she was 5 years old, her boyfriend cheated on her, but Austin comes to live with her and her mom in order to hide from the paparazzi. Will she give her heart another chance to love? and how will they handle it when her dad comes back?


21. married again?!

Austin's POV:

it was about 11:00 p.m. all the campers were asleep, except Ashley and me. we sneaked out and sat alone behind a tree. "i'll kill you if we get caught" she said. "don't worry babe" i said pushing her hair behind her ear. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to me, in order to keep her warm. It was such a perfect night, i had missed her like crazy!

One week later:

Ashley's POV:

"last day" i told Austin. "i know i never want it to end again" he said putting our bags in the trunk of his car. we got home to see mom waiting for us outside. i ran towards her and hugged her. "i missed you so much kiddo" she said. "i missed you more" i replied. "hi ma'am" Austin said standing next to me. "hey son come on in" she said hugging him. we came inside and sat on the sofas.

"Has dad went back to L.A.?" i asked. "well yes, but the truth is he went back to get the rest of his things and come live with us" mom replied. "what? wouldn't that be kinda awkward between you two?" i asked. "Ashley we're getting married again" mom said showing me her ring. my jaw dropped! "mom congratulations, i'm so happy for you" i replied getting up and giving her a hug.

one hour later:

Austin and i took a walk outside. we talked, laughed and held hands. "so now i have to go back to L.A. i-i don't know how but i'll manage to see you every once in a while" he said when i hugged him tight. "i'll be helping my mom with the whole marriage things, you know? of course i'll miss you but at least i'll have something to distract me" i said. "yeah but summer is almost over, and your school is about to start" he then said. "i-i don't know but we'll make it through" i said feeling hopeless.


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