Death Angels-01

Join Phsylocke, Deadpool, Wolverine and Domino otherwise known as the Death Angels, as they beet the *@!? out of Magneto. That's all i need to say, it does sound awesome right?


2. Phsylocke

"Magneto, NO!" Phsylocke shouted, "Please leave me alone, I'll do anything."

Magneto clenched his fist, tightening the metal around Phsylocke's throat.

"Ha Ha!" Magneto laughed.

"Ahhh!" Phsylocke shot up from her bed.

She walked into the next room and switched the TV on.

"BREAKING NEWS! There is a crazy man in red spandex, holding a Mexican Restaurant hostage. Demanding they give him all the chimi-ch... WHAT! *SIGH* He is demanding they give him Chimi-Chongas. Really were doing a story on that, what about FOX have you saw their story? Huh!"

She changed the channel over to FOX,

"Thanks to the World’s Mightiest heroes the Avengers, the bomb in New York city, has been defused! But we wouldn’t have survived it if it wasn't for Wolverine! He stopped the bomb by scratching it with his amazing metal claws. Thank you Avengers! You did it again."

She switched the TV over one last time.

"She’s freaking crazy!"

"A black and white woman has been walking down the streets of New York shooting and launching grenades as if they were baseballs. They say she is a mercenary called Domino!"

Domino walked up to the news reporter, she grinned at him and without a seconds thought he ran. She raised her hand up holding her gun, and shot the camera man. She waved at the TV, then the channel turned to static.



Phsylocke Log-Entry 01


I have had that dream every night now for three weeks. It’s always been the same me and magneto in an empty dark room, I ask him to leave me alone and he strangles me. I feel like this is going to happen, if I want to change the fate that I see I’m going to need some help and fast. But ever since I went on the run to Japan, I lost contact with everyone I know.



Phsylocke went back to bed hoping she wouldn’t have that dream again, or if she did, she was hoping it wouldn’t be the same. She was hoping the dream would have more information, help her understand what was going on. She did have the dream but it was different. “Hey magneto let her go!” A woman shouted. A loud bang and Magneto dropped to the floor. That was all; Phsylocke woke up rubbing her eyes to get the blur away.  Then she remembered there was one person she kept the number of. The one person she knows who was close to the person she wanted back. Phsylocke picked up the phone and dialled, “Hello? Logan?”

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