Death Angels-01

Join Phsylocke, Deadpool, Wolverine and Domino otherwise known as the Death Angels, as they beet the *@!? out of Magneto. That's all i need to say, it does sound awesome right?


4. Domino

“So you want me to kill Deadpool?” Domino thought about it, “No.”

“Oh really?” King Pin asked not, changing the expression on his face, “You will kill him, or I will kill you!”

“You obviously don’t know who Deadpool is, he can’t die he has a healing factor! Trust me I’ve tried.”

“Well bring him to me, and I’ll let my men deal with him.”

“And my payment? How much am I getting paid?” Domino asked.

“100,000 dollars. You will be paid when you bring him to me.”

“Do you know where he is?”



“Yes, Japan. We’ll send a plane to pick you up outside the building in five hours, get your stuff ready.”


Later on the plane-

Domino was in a first class plane, on her own with only the pilots.  She was lying on three chairs, with her legs spread across two chairs.

“Kidnap Deadpool? I can do that it’s easy. I’m a girl he’s Deadpool.” Domino thought.

She pulled out a small gun and loaded four tranquiliser darts into it.

“This should do it.”

She got up and walked over to the cockpit.

“So you just drop me of in the middle of Japan? Is that all?” Domino asked one of the pilots.

“Please take a seat we are landing in five minutes.”

She raised her gun at his head “Tell me”

A black, tall, large man in walked in front of Domino. He slowly pushed her gun down, and she put it in her pocked.

“Mam please sit in your seat we are landing, in FIVE MINUTES!”

Domino went and sat on her seat.

After five minutes the plane landed outside a building that looked similar the same as King Pins building back in New York. But this time it was a plain bright white building, about 25 stories big. The windows looked like they got painted every day. Domino entered the building followed by two Tall men in black suites and black sunglasses to block the eyes. One of the men was the man on the plane the other looked exactly identical but he had white skin. They entered the building and inside was marble floor spread across the whole floor and the ceiling was 12 feet tall. The room wasn’t very populated; there were a few security guards and two receptionists. They walked up to the counter. The receptionist stared at Domino and then the other two security guards, waiting for them to say something. The white security guard coughed and said, “Number 7461”

This was the first time Domino heard him saying anything. Unsurprisingly they both sounded the same, it was like they were the same people, or trained to be the same. Saying nothing the receptionist pointed to the elevator on the left smiling, she says “12th floor.”

They walked into the elevator and pressed the 12th floor button. When they got on the twelfth floor, it was completely different from the ground floor; it was a small box connecting to more small boxes. The walls were a pale white colour, with a grey carpet floor, no windows and the lights were florescent strip lights, flickering, ready to die. They walked over to another receptionist; she stared at them like the other receptionist on the ground floor. This time the black security guard spoke “Number 7461”

She pointed to a door on the left and nodded. The security guards nodded back. They walked through the doors, the room was the same size, same colour walls and same floor, the only difference was that there was a small frosted window at the opposite end of the room, and a potted plant in the corner. Domino walked into the room and the two guards stayed by the door. They closed the door behind her. She walked over to the small desk that didn’t look much different from the one in the main office. On the desk was a folder containing files on Deadpool. “What’s the point in all of this, it’s kind of hard to miss a guy in red spandex talking to himself in the middle of Japan” Domino thought to herself. She threw the folder into the bin next to the desk and walked out. The guards stared at her.

“I know what I need to do, don’t follow me.” She demanded.

Domino walked into the elevator and went back down to the bottom floor. When she walked out of the door she pulled out her hand gun and cocked it, “This is going to be easy!”

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