Death Angels-01

Join Phsylocke, Deadpool, Wolverine and Domino otherwise known as the Death Angels, as they beet the *@!? out of Magneto. That's all i need to say, it does sound awesome right?


3. Deadpool

“Ahh, those Chimi-Chongas were great!” Deadpool sighed.

Yeah we should hold Mexican Restaurants hostage more often!”

“Hey, I heard Domino was around. We should go see her!”

“Are you kidding?!?! That woman hates me! If I go any were near here she’ll blow my brains out!” Deadpool exclaimed.

We need a brain for her to blow it off!”

We would regenerate our head again any way. Although we’ll still look ugly”

“HEY! Don’t say that I may kill people, but we have feelings you know! Respect them” Deadpool demanded. “Where are we?”

Deadpool looked around. All he could see waswhite walls. Spongy white walls.


Inside Deadpools Mind-

Sitting at an odd shaped table was Deadpool, and Deadpool, and you guessed it Deadpool. One Deadpool was the normal Deadpool. The other Deadpool had a mustache, monocle, and top hat. The other Deadpool well the other Deadpool had nothing on...

They were sitting around the table talking about killing and stabbing and shooting. And you don’t want to know what else. *SHIVER*

I still think we should go and see Domino. She would love to see me!

She hates US enough already, I doubt she wants to see a naked version of us!

“I’ve got a point, I barely like seeing naked me. I know! Instead of seeing Domino we should go on vacation!”




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