Tear's of Blood

"Ruby, Ruby come on." Harry told Ruby Ela Raintear. "No, I can't." Ruby responded, she shook her head ferociously behind the door. "Of course you can! Come on, Niall feels super awful. He won't even talk. Come on." Harry said back. "I'd really would like to come out, if it makes you feel any better, but i can't." Ruby yelled with tears rushing down her face. "Fine, I'm coming in." Harry said while opening the door. "DON'T!" Ruby screamed, but it was too late. Harry was staring at Ruby, with his mouth wide open.


6. Talking, Walking, And Screaming


  I woke up by the sound of my Kelly Clarkson ringtone. It was either Jaqcualyn (Jax) or Naomi (Ni-Ni). I could tell because I have a special ringtone for them. They are Kelly Clarkson's People Like Us. It reminded us of each other together. It matched us almost perfectly.

  I looked over all my blankets on my bed to see my phone. It was Jax. I answered it before it was too late. It had already rang five times. It always rings six times.

  "Hey Jax." I said happily. My Bff's always make me smile.

  "Hhheeeeeeyyyyyy, Ruby." The strange voice answered. This was not Jax. Or Ni-Ni. Or any of my friends. But my only friends beside them is Dalton. But... I don't wanna talk about it.

  "Who is this?" I ask.

  "Oh, you know. Can't you tell?" I felt shocked. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't tell who it was. She, or he... must have never ever talked to me. "Oh, well. I guess you can't remember. That's a shame. So sad. I guess... Jax will have to pay..."

  "I remember... IT'S YOU?!?!?!" I was freaking out. How is it her? I thought. I thought....

  "Nope. Still here." I could here her grin through the phone.


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