Tear's of Blood

"Ruby, Ruby come on." Harry told Ruby Ela Raintear. "No, I can't." Ruby responded, she shook her head ferociously behind the door. "Of course you can! Come on, Niall feels super awful. He won't even talk. Come on." Harry said back. "I'd really would like to come out, if it makes you feel any better, but i can't." Ruby yelled with tears rushing down her face. "Fine, I'm coming in." Harry said while opening the door. "DON'T!" Ruby screamed, but it was too late. Harry was staring at Ruby, with his mouth wide open.


5. Have No Fear

(Narrator's P.O.V.)

  "I'm running out of time, my life is ending, and you know what happens to me when I cry. That's my life, Dalton. Ok? Now, I'd like you to forget everything. But I can't do that. So let's just stay away from me, please?" Ruby quickly said without taking a single breath.

 "Ruby, I can't leave you alone now. Because I'm guessing that I'm the only one you've told. I can help you now." Dalton replied. Speed was what was going was on. "And here's my secret, I have Ménière's disease." Dalton frowned and looked at the ground. He looked up at Ruby.

 "No. I'm not going feel bad for you because you have some disease that can be fixed in two seconds. I'M GOING TO DIE! I actually think, your lucky." Ruby yelled ferociously. She was throbbing with anger. The rush of emotions was causing an earthquake.

 "Ménière's disease, that means I'm gonna become deaf. I get really dizzy, and worse things happen. I won't be able to hear my friends. And my parents, are already dead. I think, were equal."

 "Never. We will NEVER be equal, you get to live, and I, oh I get to die. Don't you just wish you were me."

 "Well, I may as well die. I will NEVER be able to hear again ever. Not my mother, not my father, not even Colleen, my sister. I will be useless. An empty sack."

 "I'm sorry, I guess that's kinda worse. Sorry." Ruby felt like someone created a slit on the back of her throat. She had no clue what to say. She was surprised, she was upset, she was happy, she was confused.

 "It's OK, You didn't know. Hey, who's class do you have first? I have Mrs. Rekell. I wanted Ms. Stowman. She's nice." Dalton said trying to find his way through this jungle of emotions.

 "I also have Mrs. Rekell. We can fight through the torture together now." Dalton chuckled.


 Dalton and Ruby started to walk down the hall way. They had just made each other their best friend.

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