Tear's of Blood

"Ruby, Ruby come on." Harry told Ruby Ela Raintear. "No, I can't." Ruby responded, she shook her head ferociously behind the door. "Of course you can! Come on, Niall feels super awful. He won't even talk. Come on." Harry said back. "I'd really would like to come out, if it makes you feel any better, but i can't." Ruby yelled with tears rushing down her face. "Fine, I'm coming in." Harry said while opening the door. "DON'T!" Ruby screamed, but it was too late. Harry was staring at Ruby, with his mouth wide open.


2. Bio's


Ruby Ela Raintear:

 Hair: Strawberry Blonde

 Eyes: Pale Green

 Distinguishing Features: Freckles, Red Rings Around Eyes, Underweight, Pale

 Acts/Is: Kind, Gentle, Giving

 Best Friend(s): Jaqcualyn Tounge, Naomi Prior


  One Direction Status: Secretly Loves ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    


Jaqcualyn Jane Tongue:

 Hair: Chestnut Brown

 Eyes: Crystal Blue

 Distinguishing Features: Gorgeous Hair, Beautiful, BMI perfect, Big Chest, Tan

 Acts/Is: Super kind, Super Smart, Drama Queen, Feisty

 Best Friend(s): Ruby Raintear, Naomi Prior


  One Direction Status: Loves (not obsessed) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Naomi Stephanie Prior:

 Hair: Blonde

 Eyes: Bright Blue

 Distinguishing Features: Pale, Wavy Hair, in-zone BMI

 Act/Is: Sweet, Kind

 Best Friend(s):Jaqcualyn Tounge, Ruby Raintear


  One Direction Status: Obsessed



Anyia Renae Roosevelt:

 Hair: Black

 Eyes: Dark Brown/Black

 Distinguishing Features: Obese, Huge Chest, Glossy

 Acts/Is: Queen Bee, Dramatastic, Mean, Unkind, The Boss

 Best Friends: No one Except for Posy (am I right?)


  One Direction Status: Hates All Except for Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


One Direction:

 . . . Normal, the same as now, so I guess not normal.         ?

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