When you lose something...

What would a average teen do if her sister goes missing and then I add found on a rock. Dead.
But Nikky isn't an average teen. She as far from it.


1. Gone

I never thought you could actually get to the point when something happens that can ruin your life forever. Where you've lost all strength that you can't even stand up, where you go numb with shock.

Well that's what my Facebook profile said but in reality my life was ruined last year. If I hadn't been love drunk over Quinn then maybe I would be normal. I may be the most popular girl in school but I have secrets. Secrets that cannot be mentioned. Secrets that could cost me my life, and if I died who would keep the boys under control? Jasmine? Charlotte? Beth? I don't think so! 


It's weird, when I walk into the canteen all the boys go silent (even the older guys), and when there's a fight I'm the one they come and get. It can get annoying, I mean, when I think "finally some peace" someone runs up to me and says " Nikky! Come quick! Will and Callum are fighting!" Sometimes I feel like saying. I don't care. They can break their necks if they want! It's not my problem!

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