The never ending story

A 1D member finds love and has children. The grandparents come over every night and look after the kids


9. Growing up

Eliza is now 9 and a half and the triplets are 5 they started to go to school and Eliza is now it year  4 and the room her family gave her she is using after school to do her homework. She spends until dinner their and then goes home. Niall and Isabella want to have another child but they want to ask the family first but Isabella is saying no otherwise they will say no to having a new child. But Niall said he was talking about grandparents and Eliza. She said well we could but no. 

5 months later:

Isabella has fallen pregnant again and Eliza is happy that she will have to spend time with grandma and grandpa again. They are really old they are 76 years old and love to have children around them so they will be with the triplets and I around for up to 1 month to get used to the new child. Niall is a famous singer and has lots of money we are really rich so mum had decided to stop working and spend time with us. 

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